The Original Spoken English Learned Quickly Team

Lynn Lundquist

developed both Spoken English Learned Quickly and the Feedback Training language learning method. This new method allows a

student to learn fluent spoken English in half the time required using traditional English instruction. Just three years after it was introduced on www.freeenglishnow.comSpoken English Learned Quickly became the world’s most widely distributed spoken English language course.

Lynn has an undergraduate degree in both Anthropology and Education, and a Master’s degree in Education. Following graduation, he studied French in Paris, France for a year where he first became acquainted with spoken language instruction. He then lived in an African country for nine years where he developed his own language course because little was available in the local schools. During the time he was learning his second language, he developed many of the methods he describes in his book, Speak English…Learn Conversational English Quickly (The book was previously entitled Learning Spoken English.)The book is posted on this website and is also available as an ebook under the same title.

Lynn has done extensive work in innovation. He owns 23 patents covering electric motors, tool and die components, manufacturing plant processes, plastic recycling machinery, unloading ore from ships and electrical test instruments. He is a veteran troubleshooter and licensed plant supervising electrician. He worked in manufacturing plant maintenance for 23 years. He has designed and built robotic equipment, He has written nineteen books in language learning methods, theology, textual criticism, electrical trade instruction and apologetics.

Steve Hazzard

is the “voice” for the American accent audio portion of Spoken English Learned Quickly. He has worked in a voluntary capacity as a sound technician for 20 years. This includes mixing live sound as well as recording. His recording projects have primarily involved music, though they have also included voice recordings with a professional voice coach. Steve maintains his own well-equipped sound studio.

We appreciate the hours of work Steve put into this project to make it the success it is.

Edmund Stone

is the “voice” for the British accent lesson recordings in these lessons. He is currently weekend on-air host, and producer and host of “The Score” on All Classical FM radio headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Edmund grew up on an English farm and toured in “Romeo & Juliet” before moving to Scotland, where he reviewed films for BBC Radio and Thompson Publications. Moving to Los Angeles in 1980, he covered the Academy Awards and narrated more than 1,000 educational audio cassettes. He continues to voice commercials, work with orchestras narrating classical concerts, and emcee events. When not indulging his passion for classical music, animals and gardening, Edmund is liaison officer for a chimpanzee rescue center in Cameroon, West Africa.

We appreciate Edmund’s contribution to the success of Spoken English Learned Quickly.

Michael McNamara

is the sound technician who took the “squeaks,” “pops,” and “clicks” out of the original American accent audio files. He is a professional in the field, working as a TV broadcast engineer. He maintains his own audio lab where he does free lance commercial projects.

We are indebted to Michael for giving us the best possible audio quality while keeping user download time to a minimum.