About this course

Spoken English Learned Quickly is a well-developed, one hundred and forty seven lesson spoken English language course. Each lesson provides a written text and recorded mp3 audio in either American or British accent.

When you study with the audio recordings, you will be able to speak English using perfect grammar for your entire study time each day.

Because you want to be able to speak fluent English you have studied diligently.

You were probably given either English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) lessons. You wrote sentences. You memorized rules of English grammar. You spelled English words. You spent many hours “studying” English, but you are discouraged because you still cannot speak fluent English.

The new Feedback Training Method used in Spoken English Learned Quickly can change your discouragement into success.

When you study English for an hour using this course, you will speak English for an hour! Your entire study of English grammar, vocabulary, verb conjugation, and pronunciation is done by speaking correct English. You will study using the same spoken English you need when you take a TOEFL exam, interview for a job, apply to a university, or ask for help at an office.

Most students using this course will learn to speak English in half the time it would require if they studied using ESL or EFL lessons.