We need book publishers to market our book Speak English…Learn Conversational English Quickly

Our least expensive way to advertise our website www.freeenglishnow.com in your country is to allow others to publish some of our materials and keep the profit for themselves. (See our Earn Money page.)

For the same reason, we encourage others to publish our book Speak English…Learn Conversational English Quickly. (It was previously entitled Learning Spoken English.) If you sell this popular book together with a CD of the website, it could be quite profitable for you. (You keep all of the money you earn.)

You may publish the book in English or translate it into your own language. (We suggest a book in which the left-hand page is in English and the right-hand page is in the local language.) To use our graphics, download book-graphics.zip.

Your book may sell well if it will be used for English study. See the following suggestion when other lesson material must be used. You may design your own book cover and write your own Introduction.

We also suggest that you download the entire Spoken English Learned Quickly language course to a CD and include a CD with the book. Many will want to buy the book and CD together.

You do not need to contact us for permission to print and sell the book, or to reproduce the CD if you comply with our Terms of Use statement.

You may show this statement to any government agency requesting proof that you have Free English Now’s permission to publish Speak English . . . Learn Conversational English Quickly or reproduce Spoken English Learned Quickly on a CD.