Lesson 11h

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11.5 Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO TEST (to test) / He promised to test it. (He promised to test it.)

Test. (Test.) / Please test it. (Please test it.)

testing (testing) / He is testing some. (He is testing some.)

tested (tested) / it is tested (it is tested) / it was tested (it was tested) / it will be tested (it will be tested)

I test (I test) / I tested (I tested) / I will test (I will test)

he tests (he tests) / he tested (he tested) / he will test (he will test)

she tests (she tests) / she tested (she tested) / she will test (she will test)

it tests (it tests) / it tested (it tested) / it will test (it will test)

you test (you test) / you tested (you tested) / you will test (you will test)

we test (we test) / we tested (we tested) / we will test (we will test)

they test (they test) / they tested (they tested) / they will test (they will test)

TO PASS (to pass) / He promised to pass it. (He promised to pass it.)

Pass. (Pass.) / Please pass it. (Please pass it.)

passing (passing) / He is passing some. (He is passing some.)

passed (passed) / it is passed (it is passed) / it was passed (it was passed) / it will be passed (it will be passed)

I pass (I pass) / I passed (I passed) / I will pass (I will pass)

he passes (he passes) / he passed (he passed) / he will pass (he will pass)

she passes (she passes) / she passed (she passed) / she will pass (she will pass)

it passes (it passes) / it passed (it passed) / it will pass (it will pass)

you pass (you pass) / you passed (you passed) / you will pass (you will pass)

we pass (we pass) / we passed (we passed) / we will pass (we will pass)

they pass (they pass) / they passed (they passed) / they will pass (they will pass)

TO RECEIVE (to receive) / He promised to receive them. (He promised to receive them.)

Receive. (Receive.) / Please receive some. (Please receive some.)

receiving (receiving) / He is receiving some. (He is receiving some.)

received (received) / it is received (it is received) / it was received (it was received) / it will be received (it will be received)

I receive (I receive) / I received (I received) / I will receive (I will receive)

he receives (he receives) / he received (he received) / he will receive (he will receive)

she receives (she receives) / she received (she received) / she will receive (she will receive)

it receives (it receives) / it received (it received) / it will receive (it will receive)

you receive (you receive) / you received (you received) / you will receive (you will receive)

we receive (we receive) / we received (we received) / we will receive (we will receive)

they receive (they receive) / they received (they received) / they will receive (they will receive)