Lesson 11i

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11.5 Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO LIE (to lie) / He promised not to lie. (He promised not to lie.)

Lie. (Lie.) / Please don’t lie. (Please don’t lie.)

lying (lying) / He is lying. (He is lying.)

lied : It is lied is infrequently or never used.

I lie (I lie) / I lied (I lied) / I will lie (I will lie)

he lies (he lies) / he lied (he lied) / he will lie (he will lie)

she lies (she lies) / she lied (she lied) / she will lie (she will lie)

it lies (it lies) / it lied (it lied) / it will lie (it will lie)

you lie (you lie) / you lied (you lied) / you will lie (you will lie)

we lie (we lie) / we lied (we lied) / we will lie (we will lie)

they lie (they lie) / they lied (they lied) / they will lie (they will lie)

TO WRAP (to wrap) / He promised to wrap it. (He promised to wrap it.)

Wrap. (Wrap.) / Please wrap it. (Please wrap it.)

wrapping (wrapping) / He is wrapping some. (He is wrapping some.)

wrapped (wrapped) / it is wrapped (it is wrapped) / it was wrapped (it was wrapped) / it will be wrapped (it will be wrapped)

I wrap (I wrap) / I wrapped (I wrapped) I will wrap (I will wrap)

he wraps (he wraps) / he wrapped (he wrapped) / he will wrap (he will wrap)

she wraps (she wraps) / she wrapped (she wrapped) / she will wrap (she will wrap)

it wraps (it wraps) / it wrapped (it wrapped) / it will wrap (it will wrap)

you wrap (you wrap) / you wrapped (you wrapped) / you will wrap (you will wrap)

we wrap (we wrap) / we wrapped (we wrapped) / we will wrap (we will wrap)

they wrap (they wrap) / they wrapped (they wrapped) / they will wrap (they will wrap)

11.6 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO FALL (to fall) / He promised not to fall. (He promised not to fall.)

Fall. (Fall.) / Please don’t fall. (Please don’t fall.)

falling (falling) / He is falling. (He is falling.)

fallen : It is fallen is infrequently or never used.

I fall (I fall) / I fell (I fell) / I will fall (I will fall)

he falls (he falls) / he fell (he fell) / he will fall (he will fall)

she falls (she falls) / she fell (she fell) / she will fall (she will fall)

it falls (it falls) / it fell (it fell) / it will fall (it will fall)

you fall (you fall) / you fell (you fell) / you will fall (you will fall)

we fall (we fall) / we fell (we fell) / we will fall (we will fall)

they fall (they fall) / they fell (they fell) / they will fall (they will fall)