Lesson 11j

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11.6 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO MEET (to meet) / He promised not to meet. (He promised not to meet.)

Meet. (Meet.) / Please meet him. (Please meet him.)

meeting (meeting) / He is meeting them. (He is meeting them.)

met (met) / it is met (it is met) / it was met (it was met) / it will be met (it will be met)

I meet (I meet) / I met (I met) / I will meet (I will meet)

he meets (he meets) / he met (he met) / he will meet (he will meet)

she meets (she meets) / she met (she met) / she will meet (she will meet)

it meets (it meets) / it met (it met) / it will meet (it will meet)

you meet (you meet) / you met (you met) / you will meet (you will meet)

we meet (we meet) / we met (we met) / we will meet (we will meet)

they meet (they meet) / they met (they met) / they will meet (they will meet)

11.6c TO LAY (to lay) / He promised not to lay it down. (He promised not to lay it down.)
Lay. (Lay.) / Please lay it down. (Please lay it down.)

laying (laying) / He is laying them down. (He is laying them down.)

laid (laid) / it is laid (it is laid) / it was laid (it was laid) / it will be laid (it will be laid)

I lay (I lay) / I laid (I laid) / I will lay (I will lay)

he lays (he lays) / he laid (he laid) / he will lay (he will lay)

she lays (she lays) / she laid (she laid) / she will lay (she will lay)

it lays (it lays) / it laid (it laid) / it will lay (it will lay)

you lay (you lay) / you laid (you laid) / you will lay (you will lay)

we lay (we lay) / we laid (we laid) / we will lay (we will lay)

they lay (they lay) / they laid (they laid) / they will lay (they will lay)

11.6d TO READ (to read) / He promised not to read it. (He promised not to read it.)
Read. (Read.) / Please read the book. (Please read the book.)

reading (reading) / He is reading to them. (He is reading to them.)

read (read) / it is read (it is read) / it was read (it was read) / it will be read (it will be read)

I read (I read) / I read (I read) / I will read (I will read)

he reads (he reads) / he read (he read) / he will read (he will read)

she reads (she reads) / she read (she read) / she will read (she will read)

it reads (it reads) / it read (it read) / it will read (it will read)

you read (you read) / you read (you read) / you will read (you will read)

we read (we read) / we read (we read) / we will read (we will read)

they read (they read) / they read (they read) / they will read (they will read)