Lesson 12 Table 1


Two past actions happened at the same time.

  Two actions happened together.
  She   said “hello” when she entered   the house.
  The car   ran out of gas and stopped.
  We   sent the gift when we knew   she left.

One past action happened before the other.

  The first past time.   The second past time.   The completed action.
  She had already   entered the house   before she said “hello.”
  The car had run out of gas   before it stopped.
  We had already sent the gift   before we knew   she left.

Two future actions will happen at the same time.

  Two actions will happen together.
  She   will say “hello” when you enter   the house.
  The car   will run out of gas and stop.
  We   will send the gift when we know   she is leaving.

One future action will happen before the other.

  The first future time.   The second future time.
  She will have said “hello”   before you enter the house.
  The car will have run out of gas   before it stops.
  We will have sent the gift   before we know she is leaving.