Lesson 12i

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12.4 Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO RETURN (to return) / He promised to return. (He promised to return.)

Return. (Return.) / Please return. (Please return.)

returning (returning) / He is returning. (He is returning.)

returned (returned) / it is returned (it is returned) / she was returned (she was returned) / they will be returned (they will be returned)

I return (I return) / he returns (he returns) / she returns (she returns) / it returns (it returns) / you return (you return) / we return (we return) / they return (they return)

I returned (I returned) / he returned (he returned) / she returned (she returned) / it returned (it returned) / you returned (you returned) / we returned (we returned) / they returned (they returned)

I will return (I will return) / he will return (he will return) / she will return (she will return) / it will return (it will return) / you will return (you will return) / we will return (we will return) / they will return (they will return)

TO REPORT (to report) / She promised to report it. (She promised to report it.)

Report. (Report.) / Please report it. (Please report it.)

reporting (reporting) / He is reporting to work. (He is reporting to work.)

reported (reported) / it is reported (it is reported) / it was reported (it was reported) / it will be reported (it will be reported)

I report (I report) / I reported (I reported) / I will report (I will report)

he reports (he reports) / he reported (he reported) / he will report (he will report)

she reports (she reports) / she reported (she reported) / she will report (she will report)

it reports (it reports) / it reported (it reported) / it will report (it will report)

you report (you report) / you reported (you reported) / you will report (you will report)

we report (we report) / we reported (we reported) / we will report (we will report)

they report (they report) / they reported (they reported) / they will report (they will report)

12.5 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO DRAW (to draw) / He promised to draw it. (He promised to draw it.)

Draw. (Draw.) / Please draw it. (Please draw it.)

drawing (drawing) / He is drawing it. (He is drawing it.)

drawn (drawn) / it is drawn (it is drawn) / it was drawn (it was drawn) / it will be drawn (it will be drawn)

I draw (I draw) / he draws (he draws) / she draws (she draws) / it draws (it draws) / you draw (you draw) / we draw (we draw) / they draw (they draw)

I drew (I drew) / he drew (he drew) / she drew (she drew) / it drew (it drew) / you drew (you drew) / we drew (we drew) / they drew (they drew)

I will draw (I will draw) / he will draw (he will draw) / she will draw (she will draw) / it will draw (it will draw) / you will draw (you will draw) / we will draw (we will draw) / they will draw (they will draw)