Lesson 12j

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12.5 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO FIGHT (to fight) / He promised not to fight. (He promised not to fight.)

Fight. (Fight.) / Please don’t fight. (Please don’t fight.)

fighting (fighting) / He is fighting. (He is fighting.)

fought (fought) / it is fought (it is fought) / it was fought (it was fought)

I fight (I fight) / I fought (I fought) / I will fight (I will fight)

he fights (he fights) / he fought (he fought) / he will fight (he will fight)

she fights (she fights) / she fought (she fought) / she will fight (she will fight)

it fights (it fights) / it fought (it fought) / it will fight (it will fight)

you fight (you fight) / you fought (you fought) / you will fight (you will fight)

we fight (we fight) / we fought (we fought) / we will fight (we will fight)

they fight (they fight) / they fought (they fought) / they will fight (they will fight)

TO SLEEP (to sleep) / He promised to sleep. (He promised to sleep.)

Sleep. (Sleep.) / Please sleep. (Please sleep.)

sleeping (sleeping) / He is sleeping. (He is sleeping.)

slept : It is slept is infrequently or never used.

I sleep (I sleep) / he sleeps (he sleeps) / she sleeps (she sleeps) / it sleeps (it sleeps) / you sleep (you sleep) / we sleep (we sleep) / they sleep (they sleep)

I slept (I slept) / he slept (he slept) / she slept (she slept) / it slept (it slept) / you slept (you slept) / we slept (we slept) / they slept (they slept)

I will sleep (I will sleep) / he will sleep (he will sleep) / she will sleep (she will sleep) / it will sleep (it will sleep) / you will sleep (you will sleep) / we will sleep (we will sleep) / they will sleep (they will sleep)

TO HAVE (to have) / He promised to have some. (He promised to have some.)

Have. (Have.) / Please have some. (Please have some.)

having (having) / He is having some. (He is having some.)

had : It is had is infrequently or never used.

I have (I have) / I had (I had) / I will have (I will have)

he has (he has) / he had (he had) / he will have (he will have)

she has (she has) / she had (she had) / she will have (she will have)

it has (it has) / it had (it had) / it will have (it will have)

you have (you have) / you had (you had) / you will have (you will have)

we have (we have) / we had (we had) / we will have (we will have)

they have (they have) / they had (they had) / they will have (they will have)