Lesson 13h

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13.6 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO DRINK (to drink) / He promised to drink it. (He promised to drink it.)

Drink. (Drink.) / Please drink it. (Please drink it.)

drinking (drinking) / He is drinking it. (He is drinking it.)

drunk (drunk) / he is drunk (he is drunk) / he was drunk (he was drunk) / he will be drunk (he will be drunk)

I drink (I drink) / he drinks (he drinks) / she drinks (she drinks) / it drinks (it drinks) / you drink (you drink) / we drink (we drink) / they drink (they drink)

I drank (I drank) / he drank (he drank) / she drank (she drank) / it drank (it drank) / you drank (you drank) / we drank (we drank) / they drank (they drank)

I will drink (I will drink) / he will drink (he will drink) / she will drink (she will drink) / it will drink (it will drink) / you will drink (you will drink) / we will drink (we will drink) / they will drink (they will drink)

TO STEAL (to steal) / He promised not to steal. (He promised not to steal.)

Steal. (Steal.) / Please don’t steal. (Please don’t steal.)

stealing (stealing) / He is not stealing them. (He is not stealing them.)

stolen (stolen) / it is stolen (it is stolen) / it was stolen (it was stolen) / it will be stolen (it will be stolen)

I steal (I steal) / I stole (I stole) / I will steal (I will steal)

he steals (he steals) / he stole (he stole) / he will steal (he will steal)

she steals (she steals) / she stole (she stole) / she will steal (she will steal)

it steals (it steals) / it stole (it stole) / it will steal (it will steal)

you steal (you steal) / you stole (you stole) / you will steal (you will steal)

we steal (we steal) / we stole (we stole) / we will steal (we will steal)

they steal (they steal) / they stole (they stole) / they will steal (they will steal)