Lesson 13i

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13.6 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO COST (to cost) / He doesn’t want it to cost too much. (He doesn’t want it to cost too much.)

Cost. (Cost.) / Don’t cost so much. (Don’t cost so much.)

costing (costing) / It is costing too much. (It is costing too much.)

cost : It is cost is infrequently or never used.

I cost (I cost) / he costs (he costs) / she costs (she costs) / it costs (it costs) / you cost (you cost) / we cost (we cost) / they cost (they cost)

I cost (I cost) / he cost (he cost) / she cost (she cost) / it cost (it cost) / you cost (you cost) / we cost (we cost) / they cost (they cost)

I will cost (I will cost) / he will cost (he will cost) / she will cost (she will cost) / it will cost (it will cost) / you will cost (you will cost) / we will cost (we will cost) / they will cost (they will cost)

TO FLY (to fly) / He promised to fly more. (He promised to fly more.)

Fly. (Fly.) / Please fly home. (Please fly home.)

flying (flying) / He is flying home. (He is flying home.)

flown (flown) / it is flown (it is flown) / it was flown (it was flown) / it will be flown (it will be flown)

I fly (I fly) / I flew (I flew) / I will fly (I will fly)

he flies (he flies) / he flew (he flew) / he will fly (he will fly)

she flies (she flies) / she flew (she flew) / she will fly (she will fly)

it flies (it flies) / it flew (it flew) / it will fly (it will fly)

you fly (you fly) / you flew (you flew) / you will fly (you will fly)

we fly (we fly) / we flew (we flew) / we will fly (we will fly)

they fly (they fly) / they flew (they flew) / they will fly (they will fly)