Lesson 14e

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14.3 Repeat each sentence.

14.3a Everyone knows that. (Everyone knows that.)
That is known by everyone. (That is known by everyone.)

14.3b We promised the work to those men. (We promised the work to those men.)
The work was promised to those men. (The work was promised to those men.)

14.3c Did she already spend her money? (Did she already spend her money?)
Was her money already spent? (Was her money already spent?)

14.3d Tomorrow we will read this book. (Tomorrow we will read this book.)
Tomorrow this book will be read. (Tomorrow this book will be read.)

14.3e We will take the younger children. (We will take the younger children.)
The younger children will be taken. (The younger children will be taken.)

14.3f Did the leader give a clear message? (Did the leader give a clear message?)
Was the leader’s message clear? (Was the leader’s message clear?)

14.3g The man started his car early. (The man started his car early.)
The man’s car was started early. (The man’s car was started early.)

14.3h We called the children by name. (We called the children by name.)
The children were called by name. (The children were called by name.)

14.3i They chose the shortest book. (They chose the shortest book.)
The shortest book was chosen. (The shortest book was chosen.)

14.4 Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO CRY (to cry) / He promised not to cry. (He promised not to cry.)

Cry. (Cry.) / Please don’t cry. (Please don’t cry.)

crying (crying) / He is not crying. (He is not crying.)

cried : It is cried is infrequently or never used.

I cry (I cry) / I cried (I cried) / I will cry (I will cry)

he cries (he cries) / he cried (he cried) / he will cry (he will cry)

she cries (she cries) / she cried (she cried) / she will cry (she will cry)

it cries (it cries) / it cried (it cried) / it will cry (it will cry)

you cry (you cry) / you cried (you cried) / you will cry (you will cry)

we cry (we cry) / we cried (we cried) / we will cry (we will cry)

they cry (they cry) / they cried (they cried) / they will cry (they will cry)