Lesson 14f

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14.4 Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO MOURN (to mourn) / They came to mourn his death. (They came to mourn his death.)

Mourn. (Mourn.) / Please don’t mourn. (Please don’t mourn.)

mourning (mourning) / He is mourning her death. (He is mourning her death.)

mourned (mourned) / he is mourned (he is mourned) / she was mourned (she was mourned) / they will be mourned (they will be mourned)

I mourn (I mourn) / he mourns (he mourns) / she mourns (she mourns) / it mourns (it mourns) / you mourn (you mourn) / we mourn (we mourn) / they mourn (they mourn)

I mourned (I mourned) / he mourned (he mourned) / she mourned (she mourned) / it mourned (it mourned) / you mourned (you mourned) / we mourned (we mourned) / they mourned (they mourned)

I will mourn (I will mourn) / he will mourn (he will mourn) / she will mourn (she will mourn) / it will mourn (it will mourn) / you will mourn (you will mourn) / we will mourn (we will mourn) / they will mourn (they will mourn)

TO RUSH (to rush) / He promised not to rush. (He promised not to rush.)

Rush. (Rush.) / Please don’t rush. (Please don’t rush.)

rushing (rushing) / He is not rushing. (He is not rushing.)

rushed (rushed) / it is rushed (it is rushed) / it was rushed (it was rushed) / it will be rushed (it will be rushed)

I rush (I rush) / I rushed (I rushed) / I will rush (I will rush)

he rushes (he rushes) / he rushed (he rushed) / he will rush (he will rush)

she rushes (she rushes) / she rushed (she rushed) / she will rush (she will rush)

it rushes (it rushes) / it rushed (it rushed) / it will rush (it will rush)

you rush (you rush) / you rushed (you rushed) / you will rush (you will rush)

we rush (we rush) / we rushed (we rushed) / we will rush (we will rush)

they rush (they rush) / they rushed (they rushed) / they will rush (they will rush)

TO DRAG (to drag) / He tried to drag it. (He tried to drag it.)

Drag. (Drag.) / Please don’t drag it. (Please don’t drag it.)

dragging (dragging) / He is dragging it. (He is dragging it.)

dragged (dragged) / it is dragged (it is dragged) / it was dragged (it was dragged) / it will be dragged (it will be dragged)

I drag (I drag) / he drags (he drags) / she drags (she drags) / it drags (it drags) / you drag (you drag) / we drag (we drag) / they drag (they drag)

I dragged (I dragged) / he dragged (he dragged) / she dragged (she dragged) / it dragged (it dragged) / you dragged (you dragged) / we dragged (we dragged) / they dragged (they dragged)

I will drag (I will drag) / he will drag (he will drag) / she will drag (she will drag) / it will drag (it will drag) / you will drag (you will drag) / we will drag (we will drag) / they will drag (they will drag)