Lesson 14g

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14.5 I will say, “I walked near ________.” You will answer, “I walked near the house.” I will say, “We walked toward ________.” You will answer, “We walked toward the house.”

14.5a I walked near ________.
(I walked near the house.) I walked near the house. (I walked near the house.)

14.5b We walked toward ________.
(We walked toward the house.) We walked toward the house. (We walked toward the house.)

14.5c They walked away from ________.
(They walked away from the house.) They walked away from the house. (They walked away from the house.)

14.5d She stood inside ________.
(She stood inside the house.) She stood inside the house. (She stood inside the house.)

14.5e They stood beside ________.
(They stood beside the house.) They stood beside the house. (They stood beside the house.)

14.5f We stood in front of ________.
(We stood in front of the house.) We stood in front of the house. (We stood in front of the house.)

14.5g They met outside ________.
(They met outside the house.) They met outside the house. (They met outside the house.)

14.5h We met close to ________.
(We met close to the house.) We met close to the house. (We met close to the house.)

14.5i They met behind ________.
(They met behind the house.) They met behind the house. (They met behind the house.)

14.5j It ran under ________.
(It ran under the house.) It ran under the house. (It ran under the house.)

14.5k I ran around ________.
(I ran around the house.) I ran around the house. (I ran around the house.)

14.5l They ran through ________.
(They ran through the house.) They ran through the house. (They ran through the house.)

14.6 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO WEAR (to wear) / He tried to wear it again. (He tried to wear it again.)

Wear. (Wear.) / Please don’t wear it again. (Please don’t wear it again.)

wearing (wearing) / He is wearing it again. (He is wearing it again.)

worn (worn) / it is worn (it is worn) / it was worn (it was worn) / it will be worn (it will be worn)

I wear (I wear) / he wears (he wears) / she wears (she wears) / it wears (it wears) / you wear (you wear) / we wear (we wear) / they wear (they wear)

I wore (I wore) / he wore (he wore) / she wore (she wore) / it wore (it wore) / you wore (you wore) / we wore (we wore) / they wore (they wore)

I will wear (I will wear) / he will wear (he will wear) / she will wear (she will wear) / it will wear (it will wear) / you will wear (you will wear) / we will wear (we will wear) / they will wear (they will wear)