Lesson 14h

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14.6 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO GRIND (to grind) / He wanted to grind more grain. (He wanted to grind more grain.)

Grind. (Grind.) / Please don’t grind more grain. (Please don’t grind more grain.)

grinding (grinding) / He is not grinding any more. (He is not grinding any more.)

ground (ground) / it is ground (it is ground) / it was ground (it was ground) / it will be ground (it will be ground)

I grind (I grind) / I ground (I ground) / I will grind (I will grind)

he grinds (he grinds) / he ground (he ground) / he will grind (he will grind)

she grinds (she grinds) / she ground (she ground) / she will grind (she will grind)

it grinds (it grinds) / it ground (it ground) / it will grind (it will grind)

you grind (you grind) / you ground (you ground) / you will grind (you will grind)

we grind (we grind) / we ground (we ground) / we will grind (we will grind)

they grind (they grind) / they ground (they ground) / they will grind (they will grind)

TO KNEEL (to kneel) / He wanted to kneel. (He wanted to kneel.)

Kneel. (Kneel.) / Please don’t kneel. (Please don’t kneel.)

kneeling (kneeling) / He is kneeling. (He is kneeling.)

knelt : It is knelt is infrequently or never used.

I kneel (I kneel) / he kneels (he kneels) / she kneels (she kneels) / it kneels (it kneels) / you kneel (you kneel) / we kneel (we kneel) / they kneel (they kneel)

I knelt (I knelt) / he knelt (he knelt) / she knelt (she knelt) / it knelt (it knelt) / you knelt (you knelt) / we knelt (we knelt) / they knelt (they knelt)

I will kneel (I will kneel) / he will kneel (he will kneel) / she will kneel (she will kneel) / it will kneel (it will kneel) / you will kneel (you will kneel) / we will kneel (we will kneel) / they will kneel (they will kneel)

TO BLOW (to blow) / He wanted to blow on it. (He wanted to blow on it.)

Blow. (Blow.) / Please don’t blow on it. (Please don’t blow on it.)

blowing (blowing) / He is not blowing on it now. (He is not blowing on it now.)

blown (blown) / it is blown (it is blown) / it was blown (it was blown) / it will be blown (it will be blown)

I blow (I blow) / I blew (I blew) / I will blow (I will blow)

he blows (he blows) / he blew (he blew) / he will blow (he will blow)

she blows (she blows) / she blew (she blew) / she will blow (she will blow)

it blows (it blows) / it blew (it blew) / it will blow (it will blow)

you blow (you blow) / you blew (you blew) / you will blow (you will blow)

we blow (we blow) / we blew (we blew) / we will blow (we will blow)

they blow (they blow) / they blew (they blew) / they will blow (they will blow)