Lesson 16 Table 1




  to break up   They broke the meeting up at noon.
  They will break up at noon.
  to bring up   She brought the children up by herself.
  He will bring the topic up during dinner.
  to call off   They called the meeting off this morning.
  They called off the meeting.
  to call up   The officers were called up last week.
  to clean up   We cleaned the house up quickly.
  to do over   They did their lesson over.
  to drop in   Please drop in if you can.
  to drop off   He will drop the lesson off at my house.
  to fill out   You must fill the insurance form out now.
  You must fill out the insurance form.
  to get on   They got on the airplane together.
  to get up   She will get up early tomorrow morning.
  to give back   We need to give the money back to them soon.
  We must give back the money.
  to go over   I went over to his house yesterday.
  to hand in   Hand in your lesson before you leave.
  to hang up   He hung the phone up very quickly.
  He hung up quickly.
  She hung her clothes up this morning.
  She hung up her clothes.
  to look over   I looked the lesson over rather quickly.
  to look into   I must look into that problem.
  to look up   Look that word up in your book.
  to pick up   You will need to pick him up at the airport.
  Pick your lesson up before you leave.
  Pick up your lesson as you leave.
  to put away   Put your clothes away before you leave.
  to put on   Put your clothes on before you leave.
  to put out   Put the animals out if they cause any problem.
  to run across   He ran across an important book.
  to show up   He will show up at the meeting.
  to take off   She took her coat off because she was hot.
  We took off about noon.
  to take out   He took her out to see the city.
  Please take the groceries out of the car.
  to think over   Please think it over before you say anything.
  to try on   Try these clothes on before you decide.
  to turn in   He turned his lesson in before he left.
  He already turned in his lesson.
  He turned in early because he was tired.
  to turn off   Always turn the machines off before you leave.
  to turn on   You must turn the machines on when you first arrive.
  to turn out   Turn the lights out before you leave.
  Please turn out the lights.
  to turn up   Turn the heat up if you want.