Lesson 16 Table 3




  You shouldn’t do that.   →   Maybe you shouldn’t do that.
  You need to leave.   →   Don’t you need to leave?
  You need to choose something.   →   Can I help you choose something?
  Listen to what he is saying.   →   We need to listen to what he is saying.
  Sit down.   →   Please sit down.
  Listen to me.   →   May I please have your attention?
  You need to know this.   →   I think you will want to know this.
  We have finished our discussion.   →   Have we finished our discussion?
  You are wrong.   →   I don’t think that is correct.
  Get out of my way.   →   May I please come through?
  That isn’t any of your business.   →   I don’t believe that concerns you.
  It’s none of your business.   →   I’m sorry, but we will take care of that.
  I want to talk now.   →   Excuse me. May I say something?
  Be more careful with that.   →   I would be more careful with that.
  You don’t need to know.   →   I don’t want to answer that just now.
  Don’t do that.   →   Please wait.
  You are late.   →   I think we need to hurry.
  He is coming and you are not ready.   →   Isn’t he coming soon?
  Do it this way.   →   Let me show you how to do it.
  We don’t know that.   →   We don’t really know that.
  He is always wrong.   →   Sometimes we think he is wrong.
  I don’t want to do it now.   →   Could we do it another time?