Lesson 16 Table 4


to break
to break away
to break in
to break out
to break through
to break up
to bring
to bring away
to bring down
to bring out
to bring up
to build
to build on
to build up
to burst
to burst in
to burst out
to buy
to buy out
to buy up
to call
to call away
to call off
to call out
to call up
to clean
to clean out
to clean up
to clear
to clear out
to clear up
to cry
to cry out
to cry over
to die
to die away
to die out
to do
to do again
to do away
to do over
to drop
to drop in
to drop off
to drop out
to drop through
to fall
to fall across
to fall away
to fall in
to fall into
to fall out
to fall over
to fill
to fill in
to fill out
to fill up
to find
to find out
to follow
to follow through
to follow up
to get
to get ahead
to get away
to get down
to get lost
to get on
to get ready
to get up
to give
to give away
to give back
to give in
to give up
to go
to go away
to go back
to go down
to go forward
to go in
to go out
to go over
to go through
to go under
to go up
to go with
to hand
to hand in
to hand out
to hand over
to hang
to hang around
to hang on
to hang up
to keep
to keep apart
to keep away
to keep in
to keep inside
to keep on
to keep out
to keep outside
to keep together
to keep up
to let
to let down
to let go
to let in
to let through
to let up
to lie
to lie down
to look
to look away
to look down
to look in
to look into
to look over
to look up
to make
to make away
to make over
to make into
to make up
to make do
to pay
to pay attention
to pay in
to pay out
to pick
to pick over
to pick out
to pick through
to pick up
to pull
to pull ahead
to pull away
to pull in
to pull into
to pull off
to pull out
to pull over
to pull through
to pull up
to put
to put away
to put in
to put on
to put out
to put through
to run
to run across
to run away
to run in
to run into
to run out
to send
to send away
to send in
to send out
to show
to show off
to show through
to show up
to spread
to spread out
to spread over
to spread under
to take
to take action
to take away
to take control
to take off
to take on
to take out
to take over
to take up
to think
to think about
to think out
to think over
to think through
to try
to try on
to try out
to turn
to turn away
to turn in
to turn off
to turn on
to turn out
to turn up
to work
to work on
to work over
to work through
to work under