Lesson 16e

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16.4 Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO FEAR (to fear) / There is nothing to fear. (There is nothing to fear.)

Fear. (Fear.) / Please don’t fear them. (Please don’t fear them.)

fearing (fearing) / He is fearing the punishment. (He is fearing the punishment.)

feared (feared) / it is feared (it is feared) / it was feared (it was feared) / it will be feared (it will be feared)

I fear (I fear) / I feared (I feared) / I will fear (I will fear)

he fears (he fears) / he feared (he feared) / he will fear (he will fear)

she fears (she fears) / she feared (she feared) / she will fear (she will fear)

it fears (it fears) / it feared (it feared) / it will fear (it will fear)

you fear (you fear) / you feared (you feared) / you will fear (you will fear)

we fear (we fear) / we feared (we feared) / we will fear (we will fear)

they fear (they fear) / they feared (they feared) / they will fear (they will fear)

TO DISPUTE (to dispute) / They always try to dispute the truth. (They always try to dispute the truth.)Dispute. (Dispute.) / Please don’t dispute it. (Please don’t dispute it.)

disputing (disputing) / He is disputing the truth. (He is disputing the truth.)

disputed (disputed) / it is disputed (it is disputed) / it was disputed (it was disputed) / it will be disputed (it will be disputed)

I dispute (I dispute) / he disputes (he disputes) / she disputes (she disputes) / it disputes (it disputes) / you dispute (you dispute) / we dispute (we dispute) / they dispute (they dispute)

I disputed (I disputed) / he disputed (he disputed) / she disputed (she disputed) / it disputed (it disputed) / you disputed (you disputed) / we disputed (we disputed) / they disputed (they disputed)

I will dispute (I will dispute) / he will dispute (he will dispute) / she will dispute (she will dispute) / it will dispute (it will dispute) / you will dispute (you will dispute) / we will dispute (we will dispute) / they will dispute (they will dispute)

TO PICK (to pick) / He tried to pick it up. (He tried to pick it up.)Pick. (Pick.) / Please don’t pick it up. (Please don’t pick it up.)

picking (picking) / He is picking it up. (He is picking it up.)

picked (picked) / it is picked (it is picked) / it was picked (it was picked) / it will be picked (it will be picked)

I pick (I pick) / I picked (I picked) / I will pick (I will pick)

he picks (he picks) / he picked (he picked) / he will pick (he will pick)

she picks (she picks) / she picked (she picked) / she will pick (she will pick)

it picks (it picks) / it picked (it picked) / it will pick (it will pick)

you pick (you pick) / you picked (you picked) / you will pick (you will pick)

we pick (we pick) / we picked (we picked) / we will pick (we will pick)

they pick (they pick) / they picked (they picked) / they will pick (they will pick)