Lesson 16f

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16.4 Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO DROP (to drop) / He tried to drop it. (He tried to drop it.)

Drop. (Drop.) / Please don’t drop it. (Please don’t drop it.)

dropping (dropping) / He is dropping it. (He is dropping it.)

dropped (dropped) / it is dropped (it is dropped) / it was dropped (it was dropped) / it will be dropped (it will be dropped)

I drop (I drop) / he drops (he drops) / she drops (she drops) / it drops (it drops) / you drop (you drop) / we drop (we drop) / they drop (they drop)

I dropped (I dropped) / he dropped (he dropped) / she dropped (she dropped) / it dropped (it dropped) / you dropped (you dropped) / we dropped (we dropped) / they dropped (they dropped)

I will drop (I will drop) / he will drop (he will drop) / she will drop (she will drop) / it will drop (it will drop) / you will drop (you will drop) / we will drop (we will drop) / they will drop (they will drop)

TO LOWER (to lower) / He tried to lower it to us. (He tried to lower it to us.)

Lower. (Lower.) / Please lower it. (Please lower it.)

lowering (lowering) / He is not lowering it. (He is not lowering it.)

lowered (lowered) / it is lowered (it is lowered) / it was lowered (it was lowered) / it will be lowered (it will be lowered)

I lower (I lower) / I lowered (I lowered) / I will lower (I will lower)

he lowers (he lowers) / he lowered (he lowered) / he will lower (he will lower)

she lowers (she lowers) / she lowered (she lowered) / she will lower (she will lower)

it lowers (it lowers) / it lowered (it lowered) / it will lower (it will lower)

you lower (you lower) / you lowered (you lowered) / you will lower (you will lower)

we lower (we lower) / we lowered (we lowered) / we will lower (we will lower)

they lower (they lower) / they lowered (they lowered) / they will lower (they will lower)