Lesson 16h

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16.6 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO BRING (to bring) / He wanted to bring something. (He wanted to bring something.)

Bring. (Bring.) / Please try to bring something. (Please try to bring something.)

bringing (bringing) / He is bringing something. (He is bringing something.)

brought (brought) / it is brought (it is brought) / it was brought (it was brought) / it will be brought (it will be brought)

I bring (I bring) / he brings (he brings) / she brings (she brings) / it brings (it brings) / you bring (you bring) / we bring (we bring) / they bring (they bring)

I brought (I brought) / he brought (he brought) / she brought (she brought) / it brought (it brought) / you brought (you brought) / we brought (we brought) / they brought (they brought)

I will bring (I will bring) / he will bring (he will bring) / she will bring (she will bring) / it will bring (it will bring) / you will bring (you will bring) / we will bring (we will bring) / they will bring (they will bring)

16.6b TO MAKE (to make) / He wanted to make more money. (He wanted to make more money.)
Make. (Make.) / Please make more money. (Please make more money.)

making (making) / He is making more money. (He is making more money.)

made (made) / it is made (it is made) / it was made (it was made) / it will be made (it will be made)

I make (I make) / I made (I made) / I will make (I will make)

he makes (he makes) / he made (he made) / he will make (he will make)

she makes (she makes) / she made (she made) / she will make (she will make)

it makes (it makes) / it made (it made) / it will make (it will make)

you make (you make) / you made (you made) / you will make (you will make)

we make (we make) / we made (we made) / we will make (we will make)

they make (they make) / they made (they made) / they will make (they will make)

TO FIND (to find) / He wanted to find more work. (He wanted to find more work.)

Find. (Find.) / Please find more work. (Please find more work.)

finding (finding) / He is always finding more work. (He is always finding more work.)

found (found)/ it is found (it is found) / it was found (it was found) / it will be found (it will be found)

I find (I find) / he finds (he finds) / she finds (she finds) / it finds (it finds) / you find (you find) / we find (we find) / they find (they find)

I found (I found) / he found (he found) / she found (she found) / it found (it found) / you found (you found) / we found (we found) / they found (they found)

I will find (I will find) / he will find (he will find) / she will find (she will find) / it will find (it will find) / you will find (you will find) / we will find (we will find) / they will find (they will find)