Lesson 16i

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16.6 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO RIDE (to ride) / He wanted to ride in the car. (He wanted to ride in the car.)

Ride. (Ride.) / Please don’t ride in the car. (Please don’t ride in the car.)

riding (riding) / He is not riding in the car. (He is not riding in the car.)

ridden (ridden) / it is ridden (it is ridden) / it was ridden (it was ridden) / it will be ridden (it will be ridden)

I ride (I ride) / I rode (I rode) / I will ride (I will ride)

he rides (he rides) / he rode (he rode) / he will ride (he will ride)

she rides (she rides) / she rode (she rode) / she will ride (she will ride)

it rides (it rides) / it rode (it rode) / it will ride (it will ride)

you ride (you ride) / you rode (you rode) / you will ride (you will ride)

we ride (we ride) / we rode (we rode) / we will ride (we will ride)

they ride (they ride) / they rode (they rode) / they will ride (they will ride)

TO FEEL (to feel) / He didn’t want to feel sad. (He didn’t want to feel sad.)Feel. (Feel.) / Please don’t feel sad. (Please don’t feel sad.)

feeling (feeling) / He is feeling sad. (He is feeling sad.)

felt (felt) / it is felt (it is felt) / it was felt (it was felt) / it will be felt (it will be felt)

I feel (I feel) / he feels (he feels) / she feels (she feels) / it feels (it feels) / you feel (you feel) / we feel (we feel) / they feel (they feel)

I felt (I felt) / he felt (he felt) / she felt (she felt) / it felt (it felt) / you felt (you felt) / we felt (we felt) / they felt (they felt)

I will feel (I will feel) / he will feel (he will feel) / she will feel (she will feel) / it will feel (it will feel) / you will feel (you will feel) / we will feel (we will feel) / they will feel (they will feel)

TO HEAR (to hear) / He tried to hear her sing. (He tried to hear her sing.)Hear. (Hear.) / Please hear what he has to say. (Please hear what he has to say.)

hearing (hearing) / He is hearing the song again. (He is hearing the song again.)

heard (heard) / it is heard (it is heard) / it was heard (it was heard) / it will be heard (it will be heard)

I hear (I hear) / I heard (I heard) / I will hear (I will hear)

he hears (he hears) / he heard (he heard) / he will hear (he will hear)

she hears (she hears) / she heard (she heard) / she will hear (she will hear)

it hears (it hears) / it heard (it heard) / it will hear (it will hear)

you hear (you hear) / you heard (you heard) / you will hear (you will hear)

we hear (we hear) / we heard (we heard) we will hear / (we will hear)

they hear (they hear) / they heard (they heard) they will hear / (they will hear)

TO BUY (to buy) / He tried to buy it. (He tried to buy it.)Buy. (Buy.) / Please don’t buy it now. (Please don’t buy it now.)

buying (buying) / He is buying it. (He is buying it.)

bought (bought) / it is bought (it is bought) / it was bought (it was bought) / it will be bought (it will be bought)

I buy (I buy) / he buys (he buys) / she buys (she buys) / it buys (it buys) / you buy (you buy) / we buy (we buy) / they buy (they buy)

I bought (I bought) / he bought (he bought) / she bought (she bought) / it bought (it bought) / you bought (you bought) / we bought (we bought) / they bought (they bought)

I will buy (I will buy) / he will buy (he will buy) / she will buy (she will buy) / it will buy (it will buy) / you will buy (you will buy) / we will buy (we will buy) / they will buy (they will buy)