Lesson 2c

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Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO CALL (to call) / He promised to call. (He promised to call.)

Call. (Call.) / Please call. (Please call.)

calling (calling) / It is calling. (It is calling.)

called (called) / it is called (it is called) / it was called (it was called) / it will be called (it will be called)

I call (I call) / he calls (he calls) / she calls (she calls) / it calls (it calls) / you call (you call) / we call (we call) / they call (they call)

I called (I called) / he called (he called) / she called (she called) / it called (it called) / you called (you called) / we called (we called) / they called (they called)

I will call (I will call) / he will call (he will call) / she will call (she will call) / it will call (it will call) / you will call (you will call) / we will call (we will call) / they will call (they will call)

TO PROVE (to prove) / She promised to prove it. (She promised to prove it.)

Prove. (Prove.) / Please prove it. (Please prove it.)

proving (proving) / He is proving it. (He is proving it.)

proved (proved) / it is proved (it is proved) / it was proved (it was proved) / it will be proved (it will be proved)

I prove (I prove) / he proves (he proves) / she proves (she proves) / it proves (it proves) / you prove (you prove) / we prove (we prove) / they prove (they prove)

I proved (I proved) / he proved (he proved) / she proved (she proved) / it proved (it proved) / you proved (you proved) / we proved (we proved) / they proved (they proved)

I will prove (I will prove) / he will prove (he will prove) / she will prove (she will prove) / it will prove (it will prove) / you will prove (you will prove) / we will prove (we will prove) / they will prove (they will prove)