Lesson 2d

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Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO WAIT (to wait) / He promised to wait. (He promised to wait.)

Wait. (Wait.) / Please wait. (Please wait.)

waiting (waiting) / I am waiting for it. (I am waiting for it.)

waited (waited) / it is waited (it is waited) / it was waited (it was waited) / it will be waited (it will be waited)

I wait (I wait) / he waits (he waits) / she waits (she waits) / it waits (it waits) / you wait (you wait) / we wait (we wait) / they wait (they wait)

I waited (I waited) / he waited (he waited) / she waited (she waited) / it waited (it waited) / you waited (you waited) / we waited (we waited) / they waited (they waited)

I will wait (I will wait) / he will wait (he will wait) / she will wait (she will wait) / it will wait (it will wait) / you will wait (you will wait) / we will wait (we will wait) / they will wait (they will wait)

TO DOUBT (to doubt) / He promised not to doubt. (He promised not to doubt.)

Doubt. (Doubt.) / Please don’t doubt. (Please don’t doubt.)

doubting (doubting) / I am doubting it. (I am doubting it.)

doubted (doubted) / it is doubted (it is doubted) / it was doubted (it was doubted) / it will be doubted (it will be doubted)

I doubt (I doubt) / he doubts (he doubts) / she doubts (she doubts) / it doubts (it doubts) / you doubt (you doubt) / we doubt (we doubt) / they doubt (they doubt)

I doubted (I doubted) / he doubted (he doubted) / she doubted (she doubted) / it doubted (it doubted) / you doubted (you doubted) / we doubted (we doubted) / they doubted (they doubted)

I will doubt (I will doubt) / he will doubt (he will doubt) / she will doubt (she will doubt) / it will doubt (it will doubt) / you will doubt (you will doubt) / we will doubt (we will doubt) / they will doubt (they will doubt)

TO ORDER (to order) / He promised to order. (He promised to order.)

Order. (Order.) / Please order. (Please order.)

ordering (ordering) / I am ordering. (I am ordering.)

ordered (ordered) / it is ordered (it is ordered) / it was ordered (it was ordered) / it will be ordered (it will be ordered)

I order (I order) / he orders (he orders) / she orders (she orders) / it orders (it orders) / you order (you order) / we order (we order) / they order (they order)

I ordered (I ordered) / he ordered (he ordered) / she ordered (she ordered) / it ordered (it ordered) / you ordered (you ordered) / we ordered (we ordered) / they ordered (they ordered)

I will order (I will order) / he will order (he will order) / she will order (she will order) / it will order (it will order) / you will order (you will order) / we will order (we will order) / they will order (they will order)