Lesson 2f

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2.4 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO TEACH (to teach) / He promised to teach. (He promised to teach.)

Teach. (Teach.) / Please teach. (Please teach.)

teaching (teaching) / He is teaching. (He is teaching.)

taught (taught) / it is taught (it is taught) / it was taught (it was taught) / it will be taught (it will be taught)

I teach (I teach) / he teaches (he teaches) / she teaches (she teaches) / it teaches (it teaches) / you teach (you teach) / we teach (we teach) / they teach (they teach)

I taught (I taught) / he taught (he taught) / she taught (she taught) / it taught (it taught) / you taught (you taught) / we taught (we taught) / they taught (they taught)

I will teach (I will teach) / he will teach (he will teach) / she will teach (she will teach) / it will teach (it will teach) / you will teach (you will teach) / we will teach (we will teach) / they will teach (they will teach)

TO GIVE (to give) / He promised to give. (He promised to give.)

Give. (Give.) / Please give. (Please give.)

giving (giving) / He is giving. (He is giving.)

given (given) / it is given (it is given) / it was given (it was given) / it will be given (it will be given)

I give (I give) / he gives (he gives) / she gives (she gives) / it gives (it gives) / you give (you give) / we give (we give) / they give (they give)

I gave (I gave) / he gave (he gave) / she gave (she gave) / it gave (it gave) / you gave (you gave) / we gave (we gave) / they gave (they gave)

I will give (I will give) / he will give (he will give) / she will give (she will give) / it will give (it will give) / you will give (you will give) / we will give (we will give) / they will give (they will give)