Lesson 2h

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2.6 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO CHOOSE (to choose) / He promised to choose. (He promised to choose.)

Choose. (Choose.) / Please choose. (Please choose.)

choosing (choosing) / She is choosing. (She is choosing.)

chosen (chosen) / it is chosen (it is chosen) / it was chosen (it was chosen) / it will be chosen (it will be chosen)

I choose (I choose) / he chooses (he chooses) / she chooses (she chooses) / it chooses (it chooses) / you choose (you choose) / we choose (we choose) / they choose (they choose)

I chose (I chose) / he chose (he chose) / she chose (she chose) / it chose (it chose) / you chose (you chose) / we chose (we chose) / they chose (they chose)

I will choose (I will choose) / he will choose (he will choose) / she will choose (she will choose) / it will choose (it will choose) / you will choose (you will choose) / we will choose (we will choose) / they will choose (they will choose)

TO SEE (to see) / He promised to see it. (He promised to see it.)

See. (See.) / Please see it. (Please see it.)

seeing (seeing) / She is seeing. (She is seeing.)

seen (seen) / it is seen (it is seen) / it was seen (it was seen) / it will be seen (it will be seen)

I see (I see) / he sees (he sees) / she sees (she sees) / it sees (it sees) / you see (you see) / we see (we see) / they see (they see)

I saw (I saw) / he saw (he saw) / she saw (she saw) / it saw (it saw) / you saw (you saw) / we saw (we saw) / they saw (they saw)

I will see (I will see) / he will see (see he will see) / she will see (she will see) / it will see (it will see) / you will see (you will see) / we will see (we will see) / they will see (they will see)

TO SPEAK (to speak) / She promised to speak. (She promised to speak.)

Speak. (Speak.) / Please speak. (Please speak.)

speaking (speaking) / They are speaking. (They are speaking.)

spoken (spoken) / it is spoken (it is spoken) / it was spoken (it was spoken) / it will be spoken (it will be spoken)

I speak (I speak) / he speaks (he speaks) / she speaks (she speaks) / it speaks (it speaks) / you speak (you speak) / we speak (we speak) / they speak (they speak)

I spoke (I spoke) / he spoke (he spoke) / she spoke (she spoke) / it spoke (it spoke) / you spoke (you spoke) / we spoke (we spoke) / they spoke (they spoke)

I will speak (I will speak) / he will speak (he will speak) / she will speak (she will speak) / it will speak (it will speak) / you will speak (you will speak) / we will speak (we will speak) / they will speak (they will speak)