Lesson 2j

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2.8 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO COME (to come) / He promised to come. (He promised to come.)

Come. (Come.) / Please come. (Please come.)

coming (coming) / We are coming. (We are coming.)

come : It is come is infrequently or never used.

I come (I come) / he comes (he comes) / she comes (she comes) / it comes (it comes) / you come (you come) / we come (we come) / they come (they come)

I came (I came) / he came (he came) / she came (she came) / it came (it came) / you came (you came) / we came (we came) / they came (they came)

I will come (I will come) / he will come (he will come) / she will come (she will come) / it will come (it will come) / you will come (you will come) / we will come (we will come) / they will come (they will come)

TO LEAVE (to leave) / She promised to leave. (She promised to leave.)

Leave. (Leave.) / Please leave. (Please leave.)

leaving (leaving) / It is leaving. (It is leaving.)

left (left) / it is left (it is left) / it was left (it was left) / it will be left (it will be left)

I leave (I leave) / he leaves (he leaves) / she leaves (she leaves) / it leaves (it leaves) / you leave (you leave) / we leave (we leave) / they leave (they leave)

I left (I left) / he left (he left) / she left (she left) / it left (it left) / you left (you left) / we left (we left) / they left (they left)

I will leave (I will leave) / he will leave (he will leave) / she will leave (she will leave) / it will leave (it will leave) / you will leave (you will leave) / we will leave (we will leave) / they will leave (they will leave)

TO BEGIN (To begin) / She promised to begin. (She promised to begin.)

Begin. (begin.) / Please begin. (Please begin.)

beginning (beginning) / We are beginning. (We are beginning.)

begun (begun) / it is begun (it is begun) / it was begun (it was begun)

I begin (I begin) / he begins (he begins) / she begins (she begins) / it begins (it begins) / you begin (you begin) / we begin (we begin) / they begin (they begin)

I began (I began) / he began (he began) / she began (she began) / it began (it began) / you began (you began) / we began (we began) / they began (they began)

I will begin (I will begin) / he will begin (he will begin) / she will begin (she will begin) / it will begin (it will begin) / you will begin (you will begin) / we will begin (we will begin) / they will begin (they will begin)