Lesson 2k

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2.8 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO WRITE (to write) / He promised to write. (He promised to write.)

Write. (Write.) / Please write in the book. (Please write in the book.)

writing (writing) / He is writing. (He is writing.)

written (written) / it is written (it is written) / it was written (it was written) / it will be written (it will be written)

I write (I write) / he writes (he writes) / she writes (she writes) / it writes (it writes) / you write (you write) / we write (we write) / they write (they write)

I wrote (I wrote) / he wrote (he wrote) / she wrote (she wrote) / it wrote (it wrote) / you wrote (you wrote) / we wrote (we wrote) / they wrote (they wrote)

I will write (I will write) / he will write (he will write) / she will write (she will write) / it will write (it will write) / you will write (you will write) / we will write (we will write) / they will write (they will write)

TO TELL (to tell) / She promised to tell. (She promised to tell.)

Tell. (Tell.) / Please tell. (Please tell.)

telling (telling) / I am telling. (I am telling.)

told (told) / it is told (it is told) / it was told (it was told) / it will be told (it will be told)

I tell (I tell) / he tells (he tells) / she tells (she tells) / it tells (it tells) / you tell (you tell) / we tell (we tell) / they tell (they tell)

I told (I told) / he told (he told) / she told (she told) / it told (it told) / you told (you told) / we told (we told) / they told (they told)

I will tell (I will tell) / he will tell (he will tell) / she will tell (she will tell) / it will tell (it will tell) / you will tell (you will tell) / we will tell (we will tell) / they will tell (they will tell)