Lesson 3d

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3.4 Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO OWN (to own) / She promised to own it. (She promised to own it.)

Own. (Own.) / Please own it. (Please own it.)

owning (owning) / He is owning it. (He is owning it.)

owned (owned) / it is owned (it is owned) / it was owned (it was owned) / it will be owned (it will be owned)

I own (I own) / he owns (he owns) / she owns (she owns) / it owns (it owns) / you own (you own) / we own (we own) / they own (they own)

I owned (I owned) / he owned (he owned) / she owned (she owned) / it owned (it owned) / you owned (you owned) / we owned (we owned) / they owned (they owned)

I will own (I will own) / he will own (he will own) / she will own (she will own) / it will own (it will own) / you will own (you will own) / we will own (we will own) / they will own (they will own)

TO LOOK (to look) / She promised to look. (She promised to look.)

Look. (Look.) / Please look. (Please look.)

Looking (Looking) / He is looking. (He is looking.)

looked (looked) / it is looked (it is looked) / it was looked (it was looked) / it will be looked (it will be looked)

I look (I look) / he looks (he looks) / she looks (she looks) / it looks (it looks) / you look (you look) / we look (we look) / they look (they look)

I looked (I looked) / he looked (he looked) / she looked (she looked) / it looked (it looked) / you looked (you looked) / we looked (we looked) / they looked (they looked)

I will look (I will look) / he will look (he will look) / she will look (she will look) / it will look (it will look) / you will look (you will look) / we will look (we will look) / they will look (they will look)

TO DRESS (to dress) / She promised to dress the children. (She promised to dress the children.)

Dress. (Dress.) / Please dress the children. (Please dress the children.)

dressing (dressing) / He is dressing them. (He is dressing them.)

dressed (dressed) / he is dressed (he is dressed) / she was dressed (she was dressed) / they will be dressed (they will be dressed)

I dress (I dress) / he dresses (he dresses) / she dresses (she dresses) / it dresses (it dresses) / you dress (you dress) / we dress (we dress) / they dress (they dress)

I dressed (I dressed) / he dressed (he dressed) / she dressed (she dressed) / it dressed (it dressed) / you dressed (you dressed) / we dressed (we dressed) / they dressed (they dressed)

I will dress (I will dress) / he will dress (he will dress) / she will dress (she will dress) / it will dress (it will dress) / you will dress (you will dress) / we will dress (we will dress) / they will dress (they will dress)

TO FILL (to fill) / She promised to fill it. (She promised to fill it.)

Fill. (Fill.) / Please fill it. (Please fill it.)

filling (filling) / He is filling it. (He is filling it.)

filled (filled) / it is filled (it is filled) / it was filled (it was filled) / it will be filled (it will be filled)

I fill (I fill) / he fills (he fills) / she fills (she fills) / it fills (it fills) / you fill (you fill) / we fill (we fill) / they fill (they fill)

I filled (I filled) / he filled (he filled) / she filled (she filled) / it filled (it filled) / you filled (you filled) / we filled (we filled) / they filled (they filled)

I will fill (I will fill) / he will fill (he will fill) / she will fill (she will fill) / it will fill (it will fill) / you will fill (you will fill) / we will fill (we will fill) / they will fill (they will fill)

TO FIX (to fix) / She promised to fix it. (She promised to fix it.)

Fix. (Fix.) / Please fix it. (Please fix it.)

fixing (fixing) / He is fixing it. (He is fixing it.)

fixed (fixed) / it is fixed (it is fixed) / it was fixed (it was fixed) / it will be fixed (it will be fixed)

I fix (I fix) / he fixes (he fixes) / she fixes (she fixes) / it fixes (it fixes) / you fix (you fix) / we fix (we fix) / they fix (they fix)

I fixed (I fixed) / he fixed (he fixed) / she fixed (she fixed) / it fixed (it fixed) / you fixed (you fixed) / we fixed (we fixed) / they fixed (they fixed)

I will fix (I will fix) / he will fix (he will fix) / she will fix (she will fix) / it will fix (it will fix) / you will fix (you will fix) / we will fix (we will fix) / they will fix (they will fix)