Lesson 3e

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3.4 Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO START (to start) / She promised to start it. (She promised to start it.)

Start. (Start.) / Please start it. (Please start it.)

starting (starting) / He is starting it. (He is starting it.)

started (started) / it is started (it is started) / it was started (it was started) / it will be started (it will be started)

I start (I start) / he starts (he starts) / she starts (she starts) / it starts (it starts) / you start (you start) / we start (we start) / they start (they start)

I started (I started) / he started (he started) / she started (she started) / it started (it started) / you started (you started) / we started (we started) / they started (they started)

I will start (I will start) / he will start (he will start) / she will start (she will start) / it will start (it will start) / you will start (you will start) / we will start (we will start) / they will start (they will start)

TO WITNESS (to witness) / She promised to witness it. (She promised to witness it.)

Witness. (Witness.) / Please witness it. (Please witness it.)

witnessing (witnessing) / He is witnessing it. (He is witnessing it.)

witnessed (witnessed) / it is witnessed (it is witnessed) / it was witnessed (it was witnessed) / it will be witnessed (it will be witnessed)

I witness (I witness) / he witnesses (he witnesses) / she witnesses (she witnesses) / it witnesses (it witnesses) / you witness (you witness) / we witness (we witness) / they witness (they witness)

I witnessed (I witnessed) / he witnessed (he witnessed) / she witnessed (she witnessed) / it witnessed (it witnessed) / you witnessed (you witnessed) / we witnessed (we witnessed) / they witnessed (they witnessed)

I will witness (I will witness) / he will witness (he will witness) / she will witness (she will witness) / it will witness (it will witness) / you will witness (you will witness) / we will witness (we will witness) / they will witness (they will witness)

3.5 Say each letter of the alphabet.

A / a
B / b
C / c
D / d
E / e
F / f
G / g
H / h
I / i
J / j
K / k
L / l
M / m
N / n
O / o
P / p
Q / q
R / r
S / s
T / t
U / u
V / v
W / w
X / x
Y / y
Z / z