Lesson 5d

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5.3 I will say, “to do my work.” You will answer, “I am doing my work.” I will say, “to stand beside his wife.” You will answer, “He is standing beside his wife.”

5.3a to do my work
(I am doing my work.) I am doing my work. (I am doing my work.)

5.3b to stand beside his wife
(He is standing beside his wife.) He is standing beside his wife. (He is standing beside his wife.)

5.3c to give his phone number
(He is giving his phone number.) He is giving his phone number. (He is giving his phone number.)

5.3d to watch her children
(She is watching her children.) She is watching her children. (She is watching her children.)

5.3e to find our address
(We are finding our address.) We are finding our address. (We are finding our address.)

5.3f to look at your car
(You are looking at your car.) You are looking at your car. (You are looking at your car.)

5.3g to live with his child
(He is living with his child.) He is living with his child. (He is living with his child.)

5.3h to ask for her health card number
(She is asking for her health card number.) She is asking for her health card number. (She is asking for her health card number.)

5.4 Repeat each letter of the alphabet.

A / a
B / b
C / c
D / d
E / e
F / f
G / g
H / h
I / i
J / j
K / k
L / l
M / m
N / n
O / o
P / p
Q / q
R / r
S / s
T / t
U / u
V / v
W / w
X / x
Y / y
Z / z

5.5 Answer the following questions with “Yes.”

5.5a Do you like this city?
(Yes, I like this city.) Yes, I like this city. (Yes, I like this city.)

5.5b Does he like this city?
(Yes, he likes this city.) Yes, he likes this city. (Yes, he likes this city.)

5.5c Do we like this city?
(Yes, we like this city.) Yes, we like this city. (Yes, we like this city.)

5.5d Do they like this city?
(Yes, they like this city.) Yes, they like this city. (Yes, they like this city.)

5.5e Did you have a phone
(Yes, I had a phone.) Yes, I had a phone. (Yes, I had a phone.)

5.5f Did she have a phone?
(Yes, she had a phone.) Yes, she had a phone. (Yes, she had a phone.)

5.5g Did we have a phone?
(Yes, we had a phone.) Yes, we had a phone. (Yes, we had a phone.)

5.5h Did they have a phone?
(Yes, they had a phone.) Yes, they had a phone. (Yes, they had a phone.)

5.5i Will you owe money?
(Yes, I will owe money.) Yes, I will owe money. (Yes, I will owe money.)

5.5j Will he owe money?
(Yes, he will owe money.) Yes, he will owe money. (Yes, he will owe money.)

5.5k Will we owe money?
(Yes, we will owe money.) Yes, we will owe money. (Yes, we will owe money.)

5.5l Will they owe money?
(Yes, they will owe money.) Yes, they will owe money. (Yes, they will owe money.)