Lesson 5g

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5.12 Repeat each phrase. (irregular verbs).

TO KNOW (to know) / She promised to know. (She promised to know.)

Know. (Know.) / Please know. (Please know.)

knowing (knowing) / Knowing is believing. (Knowing is believing.)

known (known) / it is known (it is known) / it was known (it was known) / it will be known (it will be known)

I know (I know) / he knows (he knows) / she knows (she knows) / it knows (it knows) / you know (you know) / we know (we know) / they know (they know)

I knew (I knew) / he knew (he knew) / she knew (she knew) / it knew (it knew) / you knew (you knew) / we knew (we knew) / they knew (they knew)

I will know (I will know) / he will know (he will know) / she will know (she will know) / it will know (it will know) / you will know (you will know) / we will know (we will know) / they will know (they will know)

TO STAND (to stand) / She promised to stand. (She promised to stand.)

Stand. (Stand.) / Please stand. (Please stand.)

standing (standing) / He is standing. (He is standing.)

stood : It is stood is infrequently or never used.

I stand (I stand) / he stands (he stands) / she stands (she stands) / it stands (it stands) / you stand (you stand) / we stand (we stand) / they stand (they stand)

I stood (I stood) / he stood (he stood) / she stood (she stood) / it stood (it stood) / you stood (you stood) / we stood (we stood) / they stood (they stood)

I will stand (I will stand) / he will stand (he will stand) / she will stand (she will stand) / it will stand (it will stand) / you will stand (you will stand) / we will stand (we will stand) / they will stand (they will stand)

TO SAY (to say) / She promised to say. (She promised to say.)

Say. (Say.) / Please say. (Please say.)

saying (saying) / He is saying. (He is saying.)

said (said) / it is said (it is said) / it was said (it was said) / it will be said (it will be said)

I say (I say) / he says (he says) / she says (she says) / it says (it says) / you say (you say) / we say (we say) / they say (they say)

I said (I said) / he said (he said) / she said (she said) / it said (it said) / you said (you said) / we said (we said) / they said (they said)

I will say (I will say) / he will say (he will say) / she will say (she will say) / it will say (it will say) / you will say (you will say) / we will say (we will say) / they will say (they will say)

TO HIDE (to hide) / She promised to hide. (She promised to hide.)

Hide. (Hide.) / Please hide. (Please hide.)

hiding (hiding) / She is hiding. (She is hiding.)

hidden (hidden) / it is hidden (it is hidden) / it was hidden (it was hidden) / it will be hidden (it will be hidden)

I hide (I hide) / he hides (he hides) / she hides (she hides) / it hides (it hides) / you hide (you hide) / we hide (we hide) / they hide (they hide)

I hid (I hid) / he hid (he hid) / she hid (she hid) / it hid (it hid) / you hid (you hid) / we hid (we hid) / they hid (they hid)

I will hide (I will hide) / he will hide (he will hide) / she will hide (she will hide) / it will hide (it will hide) / you will hide (you will hide) / we will hide (we will hide) / they will hide (they will hide)