Lesson 6g

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6.5 Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO DECIDE (to decide) / She promised to decide. (She promised to decide.)

Decide. (Decide.) / Please decide. (Please decide.)

deciding (deciding) / He is deciding. (He is deciding.)

decided (decided) / it is decided (it is decided) / it was decided (it was decided) / it will be decided (it will be decided)

I decide (I decide) / he decides (he decides) / she decides (she decides) / it decides (it decides) / you decide (you decide) / we decide (we decide) / they decide (they decide)

I decided (I decided) / he decided (he decided) / she decided (she decided) / it decided (it decided) / you decided (you decided) / we decided (we decided) / they decided (they decided)

I will decide (I will decide) / he will decide (he will decide) / she will decide (she will decide) / it will decide (it will decide) / you will decide (you will decide) / we will decide (we will decide) / they will decide (they will decide)

TO ADD (to add) / She promised to add it. (She promised to add it.)

Add. (Add.) / Please add it. (Please add it.)adding (adding) / He is adding it. (He is adding it.)

added (added) / it is added (it is added) / it was added (it was added) / it will be added (it will be added)

I add (I add) / he adds (he adds) / she adds (she adds) / it adds (it adds) / you add (you add) / we add (we add) / they add (they add)

I added (I added) / he added (he added) / she added (she added) / it added (it added) / you added (you added) / we added (we added) / they added (they added)

I will add (I will add) / he will add (he will add) / she will add (she will add) / it will add (it will add) / you will add (you will add) / we will add (we will add) / they will add (they will add)

TO APPEAR (to appear) / She promised to appear. (She promised to appear.)

Appear. (Appear.) / Please appear. (Please appear.)appearing (appearing) / He is appearing. (He is appearing.)

appeared : It is appeared is infrequently or never used.

I appear (I appear) / he appears (he appears) / she appears (she appears) / it appears (it appears) / you appear (you appear) / we appear (we appear) / they appear (they appear)

I appeared (I appeared) / he appeared (he appeared) / she appeared (she appeared) / it appeared (it appeared) / you appeared (you appeared) / we appeared (we appeared) / they appeared (they appeared)

I will appear (I will appear) / he will appear (he will appear) / she will appear (she will appear) / it will appear (it will appear) / you will appear (you will appear) / we will appear (we will appear) / they will appear (they will appear)

TO HAPPEN (to happen) / She wanted it to happen. (She wanted it to happen.)

Happen. (Happen.) / Please make it happen. (Please make it happen.)happening (happening) / It is happening. (It is happening.)

happened : It is happened is infrequently or never used.

I happen (I happen) / he happens (he happens) / she happens (she happens) / it happens (it happens) / you happen (you happen) / we happen (we happen) / they happen (they happen)

I happened (I happened) / he happened (he happened) / she happened (she happened) / it happened (it happened) / you happened (you happened) / we happened (we happened) / they happened (they happened)

I will happen (I will happen) / he will happen (he will happen) / she will happen (she will happen) / it will happen (it will happen) / you will happen (you will happen) / we will happen (we will happen) / they will happen (they will happen)