Lesson 6h

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6.5 Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO LEARN (to learn) / She promised to learn. (She promised to learn.)
Learn. (Learn.) / Please learn. (Please learn.)

learning (learning) / He is learning. (He is learning.)

learned (learned) / it is learned (it is learned) / it was learned (it was learned) / it will be learned (it will be learned)

learnt (learnt) / it is learnt (it is learnt) / it was learnt (it was learnt) / it will be learnt (it will be learnt)

I learn (I learn) / he learns (he learns) / she learns (she learns) / it learns (it learns) / you learn (you learn) / we learn (we learn) / they learn (they learn)

I learned (I learned) / he learned (he learned) / she learned (she learned) / it learned (it learned) / you learned (you learned) / we learned (we learned) / they learned (they learned)

I learnt (I learnt) / he learnt (he learnt) / she learnt (she learnt) / it learnt (it learnt) / you learnt (you learnt) / we learnt (we learnt) / they learnt (they learnt)

I will learn (I will learn) / he will learn (he will learn) / she will learn (she will learn) / it will learn (it will learn) / you will learn (you will learn) / we will learn (we will learn) / they will learn (they will learn)

6.6 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO HOLD (to hold) / She promised to hold it. (She promised to hold it.)

Hold. (Hold.) / Please hold it. (Please hold it.)

holding (holding) / She is holding it. (She is holding it.)

held (held) / it is held (it is held) / it was held (it was held) / it will be held (it will be held)

I hold (I hold) / he holds (he holds) / she holds (she holds) / it holds (it holds) / you hold (you hold) / we hold (we hold) / they hold (they hold)

I held (I held) / he held (he held) / she held (she held) / it held (it held) / you held (you held) / we held (we held) / they held (they held)

I will hold (I will hold) / he will hold (he will hold) / she will hold (she will hold) / it will hold (it will hold) / you will hold (you will hold) / we will hold (we will hold) / they will hold (they will hold)

TO LET (to let) / She promised to let them. (She promised to let them.)

Let. (Let.) / Please let them. (Please let them.)

letting (letting) / He is letting it go. (He is letting it go.)

let (let) / it is let (it is let) / it was let (it was let) / it will be let (it will be let)

I let (I let) / he lets (he lets) / she lets (she lets) / it lets (it lets) / you let (you let) / we let (we let) / they let (they let)

I let (I let) / he let (he let) / she let (she let) / it let (it let) / you let (you let) / we let (we let) / they let (they let)

I will let (I will let) / he will let (he will let) / she will let (she will let) / it will let (it will let) / you will let (you will let) / we will let (we will let) / they will let (they will let)

TO SEE (to see) / She promised to see it. (She promised to see it.)

See. (See.) / Please see it. (Please see it.)

seeing (seeing) / Seeing is important. (Seeing is important.)

seen (seen) / it is seen (it is seen) / it was seen (it was seen) / it will be seen (it will be seen)

I see (I see) / he sees (he sees) / she sees (she sees) / it sees (it sees) / you see (you see) / we see (we see) / they see (they see)

I saw (I saw) / he saw (he saw) / she saw (she saw) / it saw (it saw) / you saw (you saw) / we saw (we saw) / they saw (they saw)

I will see (I will see) / he will see (he will see) / she will see (she will see) / it will see (it will see) / you will see (you will see) / we will see (we will see) / they will see (they will see)

TO SPEND (to spend) / She promised to spend something. (She promised to spend something.)

Spend. (Spend.) / Please spend something. (Please spend something.)

spending (spending) / He is spending. (He is spending.)

spent (spent) / it is spent (it is spent) / it was spent (it was spent) / it will be spent (it will be spent)

I spend (I spend) / he spends (he spends) / she spends (she spends) / it spends (it spends) / you spend (you spend) / we spend (we spend) / they spend (they spend)

I spent (I spent) / he spent (he spent) / she spent (she spent) / it spent (it spent) / you spent (you spent) / we spent (we spent) / they spent (they spent)

I will spend (I will spend) / he will spend (he will spend) / she will spend (she will spend) / it will spend (it will spend) / you will spend (you will spend) / we will spend (we will spend) / they will spend (they will spend)