Lesson 7c

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7.2 Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO JUMP (to jump) / He promised not to jump. (He promised not to jump.)

Jump. (Jump.) / Please jump. (Please jump.)

jumping (jumping) / He is jumping. (He is jumping.)

jumped (jumped) / he is jumped (he is jumped) / she was jumped (she was jumped) / they will be jumped (they will be jumped)

I jump (I jump) / he jumps (he jumps) / she jumps (she jumps) / it jumps (it jumps) / you jump (you jump) / we jump (we jump) / they jump (they jump)

I jumped (I jumped) / he jumped (he jumped) / she jumped (she jumped) / it jumped (it jumped) / you jumped (you jumped) / we jumped (we jumped) / they jumped (they jumped)

I will jump (I will jump) / he will jump (he will jump) / she will jump (she will jump) / it will jump (it will jump) / you will jump (you will jump) / we will jump (we will jump) / they will jump (they will jump)

TO WALK (to walk) / He promised to walk. (He promised to walk.)

Walk. (Walk.) / Please walk. (Please walk.)

walking (walking) / He is walking. (He is walking.)

walked (walked) / she is walked (she is walked) / they were walked (they were walked) / we will be walked (we will be walked)

I walk (I walk) / he walks (he walks) / she walks (she walks) / it walks (it walks) / you walk (you walk) / we walk (we walk) / they walk (they walk)

I walked (I walked) / he walked (he walked) / she walked (she walked) / it walked (it walked) / you walked (you walked) / we walked (we walked) / they walked (they walked)

I will walk (I will walk) / he will walk (he will walk) / she will walk (she will walk) / it will walk (it will walk) / you will walk (you will walk) / we will walk (we will walk) / they will walk (they will walk)

TO EXPECT (to expect) / He promised to expect it. (He promised to expect it.)

Expect. (Expect.) / Please expect it. (Please expect it.)

expecting (expecting) / He is expecting it. (He is expecting it.)

expected (expected) / it is expected (it is expected) / it was expected (it was expected) / it will be expected (it will be expected)

I expect (I expect) / he expects (he expects) / she expects (she expects) / it expects (it expects) / you expect (you expect) / we expect (we expect) / they expect (they expect)

I expected (I expected) / he expected (he expected) / she expected (she expected) / it expected (it expected) / you expected (you expected) / we expected (we expected) / they expected (they expected)

I will expect (I will expect) / he will expect (he will expect) / she will expect (she will expect) / it will expect (it will expect) / you will expect (you will expect) / we will expect (we will expect) / they will expect (they will expect)

TO BEG (to beg) / He promised not to beg. (He promised not to beg.)

Beg. (Beg.) / Please don’t beg for it. (Please don’t beg for it.)

begging (begging) / He is begging for it. (He is begging for it.)

begged : It is begged is infrequently or never used.

I beg (I beg) / he begs (he begs) / she begs (she begs) / it begs (it begs) / you beg (you beg) / we beg (we beg) / they beg (they beg)

I begged (I begged) / he begged (he begged) / she begged (she begged) / it begged (it begged) / you begged (you begged) / we begged (we begged) / they begged (they begged)

I will beg (I will beg) / he will beg (he will beg) / she will beg (she will beg) / it will beg (it will beg) / you will beg (you will beg) / we will beg (we will beg) / they will beg (they will beg)