Lesson 7d

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7.3 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO BECOME (to become) / He promised to become. (He promised to become.)

Become. (Become.) / Please become. (Please become.)

becoming (becoming) / He is becoming. (He is becoming.)

become : It is become is infrequently or never used.

I become (I become) / he becomes (he becomes) / she becomes (she becomes) / it becomes (it becomes) / you become (you become) / we become (we become) / they become (they become)

I became (I became) / he became (he became) / she became (she became) / it became (it became) / you became (you became) / we became (we became) / they became (they became)

I will become (I will become) / he will become (he will become) / she will become (she will become) / it will become (it will become) / you will become (you will become) / we will become (we will become) / they will become (they will become)

TO GET (to get) / He promised to get it. (He promised to get it.)

Get. (Get.) / Please get it. (Please get it.)

getting (getting) / He is getting it. (He is getting it.)

gotten : It is gotten is infrequently or never used.

I get (I get) / he gets (he gets) / she gets (she gets) / it gets (it gets) / you get (you get) / we get (we get) / they get (they get)

I got (I got) / he got (he got) / she got (she got) / it got (it got) / you got (you got) / we got (we got) / they got (they got)

I will get (I will get) / he will get (he will get) / she will get (she will get) / it will get (it will get) / you will get (you will get) / we will get (we will get) / they will get (they will get)

TO THROW (to throw) / He promised to throw it. (He promised to throw it.)

Throw. (Throw.) / Please throw it. (Please throw it.)

throwing (throwing) / He is throwing it. (He is throwing it.)

thrown (thrown) / it is thrown (it is thrown) / it was thrown (it was thrown) / it will be thrown (it will be thrown)

I throw (I throw) / he throws (he throws) / she throws (she throws) / it throws (it throws) / you throw (you throw) / we throw (we throw) / they throw (they throw)

I threw (I threw) / he threw (he threw) / she threw (she threw) / it threw (it threw) / you threw (you threw) / we threw (we threw) / they threw (they threw)

I will throw (I will throw) / he will throw (he will throw) / she will throw (she will throw) / it will throw (it will throw) / you will throw (you will throw) / we will throw (we will throw) / they will throw (they will throw)

TO BITE (to bite) / They promised not to bite. (They promised not to bite.)

bite. (bite.) / Please bite it. (Please bite it.)

biting (biting) / He is biting it. (He is biting it.)

bitten (bitten) / it is bitten (it is bitten) / it was bitten (it was bitten) / it will be bitten (it will be bitten)

I bite (I bite) / he bites (he bites) / she bites (she bites) / it bites (it bites) / you bite (you bite) / we bite (we bite) / they bite (they bite)

I bit (I bit) / he bit (he bit) / she bit (she bit) / it bit (it bit) / you bit (you bit) / we bit (we bit) / they bit (they bit)

I will bite (I will bite) / he will bite (he will bite) / she will bite (she will bite) / it will bite (it will bite) / you will bite (you will bite) / we will bite (we will bite) / they will bite (they will bite)

TO BUILD (to build) / He promised to build it. (He promised to build it.)

Build. (Build.) / Please build here. (Please build here.)

building (building) / He is building it. (He is building it.)

built (built) / it is built (it is built) / it was built (it was built) / it will be built (it will be built)

I build (I build) / he builds (he builds) / she builds (she builds) / it builds (it builds) / you build (you build) / we build (we build) / they build (they build)

I built (I built) / he built (he built) / she built (she built) / it built (it built) / you built (you built) / we built (we built) / they built (they built)

I will build (I will build) / he will build (he will build) / she will build (she will build) / it will build (it will build) / you will build (you will build) / we will build (we will build) / they will build (they will build)