Lesson 8 Table 2


  The #   The word   The word used in a sentence.
  0   zero   There were no children.
  1   one   There was one boy.
  2   two   There were two boys.
  3   three   There were three children.
  4   four   There are four girls.
  5   five   There were five men.
  6   six   There are six people.
  7   seven   There are seven children.
  8   eight   There will be eight men.
  9   nine   We have nine books.
  10   ten   We have 10 books.
  11   eleven   We have 11 books.
  12   twelve   There were 12 boys.
  13   thirteen   We have 13 stores.
  14   fourteen   There are 14 girls.
  15   fifteen   The city owns 15 buses.
  16   sixteen   There are 16 stores.
  17   seventeen   We had 17 cards.
  18   eighteen   There are 18 children.
  19   nineteen   There will be 19 men.
  20   twenty   We have 20 books.
  21   twenty one   The city owns 21 buses.
  22   twenty two   There will be 22 houses.
  30   thirty   There are 30 in the group.
  33   thirty three   There will be 33 men.
  34   thirty four   There were 34 children.
  40   forty   There are around 40 boys.
  45   forty five   There are 45 stores.
  46   forty six   We had 46 cards.
  50   fifty   There will be 50 gifts.
  57   fifty seven   There will be 57 cars.
  58   fifty eight   There were 58 children.
  60   sixty   There are 60 in the group.
  69   sixty nine   We have 69 books.
  70   seventy   We had 70 children here.
  80   eighty   The city owns 80 buses.
  90   ninety   There will be 90 men.
  100   one hundred   There are around 100 boys.
  101   one hundred (and) one   There will be 101 gifts.
  110   one hundred (and) ten   The city owns 110 buses.
  120   one hundred (and) twenty   We had 120 girls.
  200   two hundred   There will be 200 houses.
  230   two hundred (and) thirty   There were 230 people.
  235   two hundred (and) thirty five   There are 235 in the group.
  1008   one thousand (and) eight   We have 1,008 books.
  1026   one thousand (and) twenty six   We had 1,026 people.
  1480   one thousand four hundred (and) eighty   There are about 1,480 books.
  1487   one thousand four hundred (and) eighty seven   There were 1,487 people.
  1st   first   It was the first time they walked.
  2nd   second   There will be a second leader.
  3rd   third   There was a third murder.
  4th   fourth   This will be the fourth time it was destroyed.
  5th   fifth   It will be the fifth gift he has given to us.
  6th   sixth   That will be the sixth card he has handed over.
  7th   seventh   She is the seventh ancestor we found.
  8th   eighth   Why was the eighth man here?
  9th   ninth   Is the ninth book his?
  10th   tenth   They all looked at the tenth word.