Lesson 8e

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8.3 Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO ANNOUNCE (to announce) / She promised not to announce it. (She promised not to announce it.)

Announce. (Announce.) / Please don’t announce it. (Please don’t announce it.)

announcing (announcing) / She is announcing it. (She is announcing it.)

announced (announced) / it is announced (it is announced) / it was announced (it was announced) / it will be announced (it will be announced)

I announce (I announce) / he announces (he announces) / she announces (she announces) / it announces (it announces) / you announce (you announce) / we announce (we announce) / they announce (they announce)

I announced (I announced) / he announced (he announced) / she announced (she announced) / it announced (it announced) / you announced (you announced) / we announced (we announced) / they announced (they announced)

I will announce (I will announce) / he will announce (he will announce) / she will announce (she will announce) / it will announce (it will announce) / you will announce (you will announce) / we will announce (we will announce) / they will announce (they will announce)

TO MURDER (to murder) / She promised not to murder. (She promised not to murder.)

Murder. (Murder.) / Please don’t murder. (Please don’t murder.)

murdering (murdering) / She is murdering it. (She is murdering it.)

murdered (murdered) / it is murdered (it is murdered ) / he was murdered (he was murdered) / he will be murdered (he will be murdered)

I murder (I murder) / he murders (he murders) / she murders (she murders) / it murders (it murders) / you murder (you murder) / we murder (we murder) / they murder (they murder)

I murdered (I murdered) / he murdered (he murdered) / she murdered (she murdered) / it murdered (it murdered) / you murdered (you murdered) / we murdered (we murdered) / they murdered (they murdered)

I will murder (I will murder) / he will murder (he will murder) / she will murder (she will murder) / it will murder (it will murder) / you will murder (you will murder) / we will murder (we will murder) / they will murder (they will murder)