Lesson 8h

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8.5 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO GO (to go) / She promised to go. (She promised to go.)

Go. (Go.) / Please go. (Please go.)

going (going) / She is going. (She is going.)

gone (gone) / it is gone (it is gone) / it was gone (it was gone) / it will be gone (it will be gone)

I go (I go) / he goes (he goes) / she goes (she goes) / it goes (it goes) / you go (you go) / we go (we go) / they go (they go)

I went (I went) / he went (he went) / she went (she went) / it went (it went) / you went (you went) / we went (we went) / they went (they went)

I will go (I will go) / he will go (he will go) / she will go (she will go) / it will go (it will go) / you will go (you will go) / we will go (we will go) / they will go (they will go)

TO RUN (to run) / She promised to run. (She promised to run.)

Run. (Run.) / Please run. (Please run.)

running (running) / He is running. (He is running.)

run (run) / it is run (it is run) / it was run (it was run) / it will be run (it will be run)

I run (I run) / he runs (he runs) / she runs (she runs) / it runs (it runs) / you run (you run) / we run (we run) / they run (they run)

I ran (I ran) / he ran (he ran) / she ran (she ran) / it ran (it ran) / you ran (you ran) / we ran (we ran) / they ran (they ran)

I will run (I will run) / he will run (he will run) / she will run (she will run) / it will run (it will run) / you will run (you will run) / we will run (we will run) / they will run (they will run)

TO SEND (to send) / She promised to send them. (She promised to send them.)

Send. (Send.) / Please send some. (Please send some.)

sending (sending) / He is sending them. (He is sending them.)

sent (sent) / he is sent (he is sent) / she was sent (she was sent) / it will be sent (it will be sent)

I send (I send) / he sends (he sends) / she sends (she sends) / it sends (it sends) / you send (you send) / we send (we send) / they send (they send)

I sent (I sent) / he sent (he sent) / she sent (she sent) / it sent (it sent) / you sent (you sent) / we sent (we sent) / they sent (they sent)

I will send (I will send) / he will send (he will send) / she will send (she will send) / it will send (it will send) / you will send (you will send) / we will send (we will send) / they will send (they will send)