Lesson 8i

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8.5 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO DRIVE (to drive) / She promised to drive today. (She promised to drive today.)

Drive. (Drive.) / Please drive your own car. (Please drive your own car.)

driving (driving) / He is driving his car. (He is driving his car.)

driven (driven) / he is driven (he is driven) / she was driven (she was driven) / it will be driven (it will be driven)

I drive (I drive) / he drives (he drives) / she drives (she drives) / it drives (it drives) / you drive (you drive) / we drive (we drive) / they drive (they drive)

I drove (I drove) / he drove (he drove) / she drove (she drove) / it drove (it drove) / you drove (you drove) / we drove (we drove) / they drove (they drove)

I will drive (I will drive) / he will drive (he will drive) / she will drive (she will drive) / it will drive (it will drive) / you will drive (you will drive) / we will drive (we will drive) / they will drive (they will drive)

TO SING (to sing) / They promised to sing. (They promised to sing.)Sing. (Sing.) / Please sing something. (Please sing something.)

singing (singing) / He is singing to them. (He is singing to them.)

sung (sung) / it is sung (it is sung) / it was sung (it was sung) / it will be sung (it will be sung)

I sing (I sing) / he sings (he sings) / she sings (she sings) / it sings (it sings) / you sing (you sing) / we sing (we sing) / they sing (they sing)

I sang (I sang) / he sang (he sang) / she sang (she sang) / it sang (it sang) / you sang (you sang) / we sang (we sang) / they sang (they sang)

I will sing (I will sing) / he will sing (he will sing) / she will sing (she will sing) / it will sing (it will sing) / you will sing (you will sing) / we will sing (we will sing) / they will sing (they will sing)

TO LOSE (to lose) / She promised not to lose it. (She promised not to lose it.)Lose. (Lose.) / Please don’t lose them. (Please don’t lose them.)

losing (losing) / He is losing his money. (He is losing his money.)

lost (lost) / he is lost (he is lost) / she was lost (she was lost) / it will be lost (it will be lost)

I lose (I lose) / he loses (he loses) / she loses (she loses) / it loses (it loses) / you lose (you lose) / we lose (we lose) / they lose (they lose)

I lost (I lost) / he lost (he lost) / she lost (she lost) / it lost (it lost) / you lost (you lost) / we lost (we lost) / they lost (they lost)

I will lose (I will lose) / he will lose (he will lose) / she will lose (she will lose) / it will lose (it will lose) / you will lose (you will lose) / we will lose (we will lose) / they will lose (they will lose)