Lesson 9g

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9.5 Repeat each word (regular verbs).

TO QUESTION (to question) / He wants to question them. (He wants to question them.)

Question. (Question.) / Please question her. (Please question her.)

questioning (questioning) / He is questioning them. (He is questioning them.)

questioned (questioned) / it is questioned (it is questioned) / it was questioned (it was questioned) / it will be questioned (it will be questioned)

I question (I question) / he questions (he questions) / she questions (she questions) / it questions (it questions) / you question (you question) / we question (we question) / they question (they question)

I questioned (I questioned) / he questioned (he questioned) / she questioned (she questioned) / it questioned (it questioned) / you questioned (you questioned) / we questioned (we questioned) / they questioned (they questioned)

I will question (I will question) / he will question (he will question) / she will question (she will question) / it will question (it will question) / you will question (you will question) / we will question (we will question) / they will question (they will question)

TO GUARD (to guard) / He promised to guard it. (He promised to guard it.)

Guard. (Guard.) / Please guard it. (Please guard it.)

guarding (guarding) / He is guarding something. (He is guarding something.)

guarded (guarded) / it is guarded (it is guarded) / it was guarded (it was guarded) / it will be guarded (it will be guarded)

I guard (I guard) / he guards (he guards) / she guards (she guards) / it guards (it guards) / you guard (you guard) / we guard (we guard) / they guard (they guard)

I guarded (I guarded) / he guarded (he guarded) / she guarded (she guarded) / it guarded (it guarded) / you guarded (you guarded) / we guarded (we guarded) / they guarded (they guarded)

I will guard (I will guard) / he will guard (he will guard) / she will guard (she will guard) / it will guard (it will guard) / you will guard (you will guard) / we will guard (we will guard) / they will guard (they will guard)