Lesson 9h

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9.6 Repeat each word (irregular verbs).

TO PUT (to put) / He promised to put it there. (He promised to put it there.)

Put. (Put.) / Please put it there. (Please put it there.)

putting (putting) / He is putting it away. (He is putting it away.)

put (put) / it is put (it is put) / it was put (it was put) / it will be put (it will be put)

I put (I put) / he puts (he puts) / she puts (she puts) / it puts (it puts) / you put (you put) / we put (we put) / they put (they put)

I put (I put) / he put (he put) / she put (she put) / it put (it put) / you put (you put) / we put (we put) / they put (they put)

I will put (I will put) / he will put (he will put) / she will put (she will put) / it will put (it will put) / you will put (you will put) / we will put (we will put) / they will put (they will put)

TO KEEP (to keep) / He promised to keep it. (He promised to keep it.)

Keep. (Keep.) / Please keep it. (Please keep it.)

keeping (keeping) / He is keeping it. (He is keeping it.)

kept (kept) / it is kept (it is kept) / it was kept (it was kept) / it will be kept (it will be kept)

I keep (I keep) / he keeps (he keeps) / she keeps (she keeps) / it keeps (it keeps) / you keep (you keep) / we keep (we keep) / they keep (they keep)

I kept (I kept) / he kept (he kept) / she kept (she kept) / it kept (it kept) / you kept (you kept) / we kept (we kept) / they kept (they kept)

I will keep (I will keep) / he will keep (he will keep) / she will keep (she will keep) / it will keep (it will keep) / you will keep (you will keep) / we will keep (we will keep) / they will keep (they will keep)

TO RISE (to rise) / He promised to rise first. (He promised to rise first.)

Rise. (Rise.) / Please rise. (Please rise.)

rising (rising) / He is rising to talk. (He is rising to talk.)

risen (risen) / it is risen (it is risen) / it was risen (it was risen) / it will be risen (it will be risen)

I rise (I rise) / he rises (he rises) / she rises (she rises) / it rises (it rises) / you rise (you rise) / we rise (we rise) / they rise (they rise)

I rose (I rose) / he rose (he rose) / she rose (she rose) / it rose (it rose) / you rose (you rose) / we rose (we rose) / they rose (they rose)

I will rise (I will rise) / he will rise (he will rise) / she will rise (she will rise) / it will rise (it will rise) / you will rise (you will rise) / we will rise (we will rise) / they will rise (they will rise)