The Author

Lynn Lundquist has done extensive work in innovation. He owns 23 U.S. patents covering improvements for electric motors, tool and die components, manufacturing plant processes, plastic recycling machinery, unloading ore from ships, and electrical test instruments.

He is a veteran troubleshooter and licensed plant supervising electrician. He worked in manufacturing plant maintenance for 23 years where he designed and built robotic equipment.

He has published 19 books in the fields of electrical trade instruction, ancient Greek manuscript exploration (textual criticism) theology, apologetics, and language learning methods.

He developed two spoken English language websites (including which currently downloads over one million free CD’s a year containing the 147-lesson Spoken English Learned Quickly language course) and a website for language training for those who stutter

He studied French in Paris for one year where he first became acquainted with spoken language instruction. He then lived in an African country for nine years where he developed his own language course because little formal language instruction was available locally. During the time he was learning his second and third languages, he developed many of the methods he describes in this book.

Lundquist has a B.A. in both Anthropology and Education, and a Master’s degree in Education.

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