How to use Spoken English Learned Quickly in a school where religious content is not advisable

This language program was started in 2001 to teach English to a group of Russian immigrants. By 2006, this program had evolved into the world’s most widely-distributed spoken English language course. When I was developing the lessons, I included the religious content in the Lesson Text because my students already knew the stories in Russian.

Using these Lesson Text stories from a modern English translation is an excellent way to teach English because these same stories have already been translated into more than 2,250 languages of the world.

Today, however, Spoken English Learned Quickly is being used in many secular schools in other parts of the world because the new Feedback Training Method used in this course is so effective. Its religious content, however, may present a barrier to its use in some countries. Consequently, even though it has not yet been written, a similar course using the Feedback Training Method without religious content is needed. (See our request for more English courses that use the Feedback Training Method.) Unfortunately, my age and health prevent me from doing any further development work.

Furthermore, since this course is offered free of charge as a service for many who cannot afford to purchase an expensive language program, there is no income available for paying others to write and record a new English study program.

Consequently, until other courses become available, I have included this page in order to show how it is possible to substitute other material already included in the course.

Spoken English Learned Quickly was designed as a free course for students who have little money for English instruction, yet want to improve their opportunity for better paying jobs.

However, because it is downloadable, it must be protected through the Terms of use agreement which prohibits any change in the course. No teacher or school may add or remove any lessons, or parts of any lessons, from the downloadable material provided by Neither may any lessons be rearranged on a CD so that the suggestions given on this page are used in place of the lessons as they are written. Of course, anyone may produce their own material as they wish, but it cannot be added to a Spoken English Learned Quickly CD or printed as a part of the Spoken English Learned Quickly lessons.

The Lesson Text portion of each lesson helps the student to speak English in complete sentences and paragraphs. Each lesson containing a Lesson Text also includes an English Fluency Exercise. These exercises are included as a part of Lessons 2 through 16 with the exception of Lessons 1 and 5. For an example, see Lesson Text 6 and English Fluency Exercise 6.

There are two other lessons that have no religious content. They do not have recorded audio, but the students may read them aloud until they are able to read them smoothly with good pronunciation. These two lessons are: The Journey of a Wise Man and A Wise Man’s Discovery.

For the remaining lessons, the students may read selected portions from the book Speak English…Learn Conversational English Quickly.

You may also have the students read newspaper articles.

Some U.S. newspaper websites

a variety of state specific facts    daily source for the world’s local news 

UK National Daily Newspapers

British media online

Wide range of international and local news    3The latest information technology news and IT jobs 

60 LondonNewspapers

These alternate suggestions replace only the religious Lesson Text at the beginning of the lesson. The remainder of the exercises should then be used beginning with: Lesson2,  Lesson3,  Lesson6,  Lesson7,  Lesson8Lesson9Lesson11Lesson12,  Lesson13,  Lesson14 and, Lesson16

When using the lessons in this way will eliminate all religious material in the lessons even though the content is taken entirely from the Spoken English Learned Quickly website. All material except the newspaper articles in Lesson 16 can be printed from the website.

Because there are no audio recordings for these alternate exercises, the second rule that prohibits reading the exercises will need to be relaxed. the students will need to learn to read each sentence out loud once, and then repeat it out loud a second time without looking at the text.