Within three years after www.freeenglishnow.com was placed on the Internet, Spoken English Learned Quickly had become the world’s most widely distributed spoken English language course. A few years later, students from more than 170 countries were annually downloading over one million copies of the entire one hundred and forty seven-lesson course in both American and British accent MP3 audio lessons. (Each lesson also has an accompanying printed lesson text.)

What caused this English course to grow so quickly?

There are three reasons:

1. The new Feedback Training Method used in this course is an extremely effective way to learn a spoken language

This language learning method was designed in conjunction with Spoken English Learned Quickly. It allows a student to acquire spoken English (or any other language with its own course) in half the time required with grammar-based language instruction. Within six months, the student using this method should have spoken-English fluency equivalent to that of a student who had studied English for a full year in a typical language school.

Everything in this course is taught by using spoken English at full voice volume. Written assignments are never used. (Read a brief summary of the Feedback Training Method.)

Today, hundreds of thousands of students around the world are learning to speak English fluently using the new Feedback Training Method.

When the Feedback Training Method was initially released, it was purposefully done with no copyright protection. We are pleased that it is now being used by other schools that are advertising on the Internet. They are discovering that there is a better way to teach grammar than with written exercises. We assume that they are using the Feedback Training Method as a means of attracting more students—and increasing their profits—since their students are learning spoken English more quickly.

2. Spoken English Learned Quickly is a well-developed spoken English language course

These lessons teach English grammar, vocabulary, complete use of the English verb and English expressions, and provide enough lessons for two hours of spoken English study a day, five days a week, for nine months.

3. Spoken English Learned Quickly is provided at no cost

After considering what it would have cost us to produce these lessons for profitable international marketing, we decided to make the lessons freely downloadable from our website in order to help students who want to learn spoken English but cannot afford $300-$400 for an English course.

The entire course is not only free, but we allow anyone wishing to do so to make copies for themselves and as many additional copies as they would like to sell for their own profit. We know that over one million copies are downloaded from our website each year. But we estimate that at least five million (or more) copies are distributed annually.

We also encourage others to download our free books and print and sell them for their own profit.

Yet we had a motive in permitting free downloading and unrestricted sale of our website material. We knew that we needed to advertise Spoken English Learned Quickly in order to develop a successful company,but it would have been too expensive. Instead, we allowed the free downloading to satisfied users to do the advertising for us.

We generated an immense amount of publicity for Free English Now, for Spoken English Learned Quickly, and especially for the Feedback Training Method we were really trying to promote.