If You Are Teaching Spoken English Learned Quickly

The Spoken English Learned Quickly course was designed so that it can be used by a teacher who wants to help others learn English. The teacher may also use the course to earn money. See the Terms of Use statement.

A complete compact disc of our entire one hundred and forty seven-lesson course containing the lesson text and both American and British accent MP3 audio may be freely downloaded from www.englishfreeware.com.

We encourage every teacher using the Spoken English Learned Quickly course to carefully read the the book Speak English.

Students will learn spoken English in the shortest period of time if they study alone with the recorded audio lessons. Therefore, for adult learners, we discourage daily classes. Rather, we suggest that the students study alone during the week with a single class for one or two hours each week for a group of eight or fewer students.

(These Spoken English Learned Quickly lessons are also very effective for younger learners. However, children and young teens respond best to the structure of a daily class.

More money can be earned with many students paying a small amount while they study on their own than can be earned with a few students who are attending daily classes.

English grammar should never be taught in class. (See the except from the book Speak English Grammar and Writing in spoken English study. Class should be used for conversation. The more that English grammar is emphasized, the less successful the students will be in learning spoken English.

Why does the Spoken English Learned Quickly course work so well?

Spoken English Learned Quickly teaches a student how to speak English in a short period of time because of one reason—the entire lesson is spoken English. If the student studies for one hour, the student will speak grammatically correct English for the entire hour. When using this course, a student can speak English two hours a day, five days a week, for nine months.

The nature of this series

These lessons will require intense effort. They are not intended to be “easy” or “fun.” They were written to help motivated students learn English in a short period of time.

Beginning students will often say that Lesson 1 is difficult. Yet—often to their surprise —beginning English students will be able to understand and use the exercise sentences at the end of two weeks.

We recommend that most students spend two weeks on each lesson. By the end of the first week, the students should be able to respond to all of the exercises without reading the printed lesson. By the end of the second week, they should be able to respond fluently to the Lesson Text and all exercises without looking at the written lesson. (However, for reading and pronunciation practice, they will always read from the Lesson Text.) An advanced student may do an entire lesson in a single week.

The teacher can meet for one or two hours each week with not more than eight students.

Spoken English Learned Quickly is unique

A typical ESL class progresses from simple-to-difficult in successive lessons. This Spoken English Learned Quickly series does not. With the exception of Lesson 1 which is written as an introductory lesson, and Lessons 2 and 3, which present the English verb more simply, all lessons are essentially similar in complexity.

Most ESL courses teach English grammar and begin with introductory grammar lessons. Thus, the first sentences a student learns use “simple” grammar. The lessons then move progressively to more difficult grammar. However, Spoken English Learned Quickly focuses on spoken English and does not need to move from simple-to-difficult sentences. (“Simple” and “difficult” actually have little to do with the spoken language, but more to do with the complexity of a course that teaches grammar rules. For more information on the way Spoken English Learned Quickly deals with this subject, see the article Can beginning and advanced students use the same lessons?)

The purpose behind the Spoken English Learned Quickly exercises

The recorded English drills have both design and purpose. They are based on the premise that we learn a foreign language best by repetition. From the very first lesson the student repeats grammatically correct English sentences.

Throughout the series, the student will actually gain more English instruction by using the audio recordings than by talking with an instructor for the same amount of time. The recordings confine the student to a high frequency of repetition of correct spoken English sentences. That will build a more substantial foundation for fluent English speech than unstructured conversation.

These lessons were designed so that a beginning student can use them effectively. This does not mean, however, that Spoken English Learned Quickly uses simple lessons. It is very much an accelerated course.

Your two biggest challenges

First, some of your students will assume that the class sessions you teach are more important than their time alone doing the exercises. These students will faithfully come to class but will put little effort into the spoken exercises. As a result, they will not be successful in learning spoken English. Always emphasize that the time spent doing spoken exercises is the most important part of each lesson.

Second, after students learn the vocabulary and understand the meaning of the sentences, they often assume that they have finished the lesson. Students must realize that the lesson is not complete until they can say everything in the lesson fluently. Get them accustomed to repeating the exercises until their fluency is acceptable.

An analogy of sorts

How would you teach a talented student to become a trumpet virtuoso? Would you buy her an expensive grand piano and arrange for lessons with a renowned classical pianist? If that had been your approach, it would not be surprising if two years later she became discouraged because she still could not play the trumpet. ESL students have spent much time learning to write words, practice penmanship, role-play for job interviews and more. Yet, when going to the store or applying for work, they will evaluate their progress solely on their verbal communication skills. They are often discouraged because they see so little result after so much effort. They have been practicing the piano when they needed a trumpet!

Spoken English Learned Quickly will teach your students how to speak English. And it will teach them to speak in a very short period of time.

English grammar and such

By design, this course does not use English grammar exercises. The students’ progress will be hampered if English grammar instruction is introduced.

The intent of this course is to teach spoken English through the verbal repetition of correctly structured sentences. We learn spoken language best through repetition.

However, Spoken English Learned Quickly teaches the highest form of grammar excellence. When a student can speak fluently, using properly constructed English sentences, that student is proficient in his or her knowledge of applied English grammar.

This course effectively teaches the English verb. Aside from basic vocabulary, the greatest fault of new English speakers is improper use of verbs. Beginning with Lesson 2, verbs are learned as spoken English in a format that gives both person and time of action. By Lesson 5, person and time of action are taught using simple sentences. Starting in Lesson 11, the verb exercises use two alternating formats so that the student is forced to think more when using the English verb. Thus, the verb is effectively taught through spoken language rather than through grammar studies.

You have probably read this introductory material and said to yourself, “It can’t be done! You can’t teach English without written assignments and grammar, and you can’t use the same lessons for both beginners and advanced students.”

Our answer is a simple challenge. This method works very well for us and teaches our students spoken English in a very short period of time. (We also have a much lighter teaching load per student because they are learning excellent spoken English on their own.)

Try it for yourself and find out why hundreds of thousands of students have used Spoken English Learned Quickly on the internet.