There was an important oversight in the verb exercises of the original¬†Spoken English Learned Quickly lessons. We did not include the pluperfect (or past perfect) verb tense in any of the verb drills. This tense is identified as something in the past that was not completed. It is often introduced with the word “had.”

For example, “If I had known that she would have been ready earlier, I would have come sooner.”

The followingexample is taken from lesson 7: EXERCISE LESSON

The verb exercise should have been written:

7.2 Repeat each word (regular verbs).


TO EXPECT (to expect) / He promised to expect it. (He promised to expect it.)

Expect. (Expect.) / Please expect it. (Please expect it.)

expecting (expecting) / He is expecting it. (He is expecting it.)

expected (expected) / it is expected (it is expected) / it was expected (it was expected) / it will be expected (it will be expected)

If he had been expecting it, he would have been ready.

I expect (I expect) / he expects (he expects) / she expects (she expects) / it expects (it expects) / you expect (you expect) / we expect (we expect) / they expect (they expect)

I expected (I expected) / he expected (he expected) / she expected (she expected) / it expected (it expected) / you expected (you expected) / we expected (we expected) / they expected (they expected)

I will expect (I will expect) / he will expect (he will expect) / she will expect (she will expect) / it will expect (it will expect) / you will expect (you will expect) / we will expect (we will expect) / they will expect (they will expect)

If you are teaching an English class, always introduce a spoken drill to the students for this tense. Better yet, in time they will understand the format and you can ask them to spontaneously suggest a sentence that you can all repeat.