Use Spoken English Learned Quickly to earn money by duplicating and selling compact discs (CDs) of the entire course. For more information regarding downloading the course, see Download.

You may copy the book, Learn Spoken English for others .(The book permits translation into another language without permission.)

Keep any profit you earn for yourself. We do not ask for payment of any kind. Your effort in selling the Spoken English Learned Quickly course or the book helps us advertise this free English course and the important Feedback Training language learning method it uses.

You may also teach an English school using Spoken English Learned Quickly and charge the students for the lessons.(For more information, purchase the ebook Starting an English School by Lynn Lundquist.)

However, you may never advertise yourself as representing Free English Now or Spoken English Learned Quickly.

You must reproduce the lessons exactly as you download them. You cannot edit, shorten or change any portion. The printed and recorded lessons must be reproduced exactly as you download them. The English of the book may not be altered, though it may be translated into another language.

Under no circumstances may you put any portion of the Spoken English Learned Quickly lesson material on a website.

If you are American or British living overseas,you may teach English, sell CDs or the book as a source of income. However, it is your responsibility to verify that your visa permits you to earn money.