What others say about Spoken English Learned Quickly

NOTE: The Free English Now.com website has been updated and many links on this page have been lost. Most of the responses to writer’s questions are answered by Terms of Use,  Earn Money, or  Speak English because the book title Learning Spoken English has been changed to Speak English…Learn Conversational English Quickly.

I raised my TOEFL score from  60 / 70*  to  121 / 115  in ten weeks.

“By using the Spoken English Learned Quickly course and its suggested use of a newspaper [see More English Study], I raised my TOEFL score from  60 / 70  to  121 / 115  in ten weeks. I immediately dropped my English classes for college credit courses.”

“The Spoken English Learned Quickly emphasis on listening and speaking produced excellent results for me. Speaking out loud taught me how to think in English. The lesson tapes helped me with my pronunciation.”

I know beginning students who have successfully used the course. Yet, the course was extremely valuable for me as an advanced student.

“Now, 14 months later, I have been recommended for a job as an  English-Russian medical interpreter.”

G.G., U.S. College student from Moldova

          *A 60-70 computer-based total score equals a 340-357 paper-based total score.


I’ve been using Spoken English Learned Quickly [with H…..] and I can tell you, I’ve never seen anything like it in my 14 years as an English teacher! H….’s pronunciation increased amazingly fast! I can hardly wait to use it with more people!

[Later he wrote, ]

The course has been a success! I’ve never worked with anything so [good]. [One person] agreed to be my student. Two weeks later there was a group…with not less than 10… I had tried to teach English [to this group] before but it was totally different! I almost had to beg to get two or three students. [This time] everybody was excited and they loved it…

The more I know the method, the smoother it becomes.

A.R., English teacher in Brazil


I was 45 years old when I came to the United States. I studied English with ESL lessons. But for two years I could not pass the tests for my electrician’s license. After I started using the Spoken English Learned Quickly lessons I passed two electrical tests. I got two licenses and got a job as a journeyman electrician.

V.T., an electrician from Russia


I’m really impressed [with Spoken English Learned Quickly]! That is wonderful!

M.N., student, Nagasaki, Japan


…your…web site help me in how I spell English correct, also I am glad its help me and help all my family, I like to earn money and sell Cds tell me how I got Cd to sell it.

O. Y., Morocco


I am verrryyyy verrryyyy happpy!
1. I needed an INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE to glorify my CREDITS to help my future.
2. The work that I have done for you have made me well known in my college & locality. Thank you.
Thanks (many many many many!!!!!!!!) for all these.[He completed another translation and we sent a second certificate.]right now I had the certificate. thanks ! many many! you dont know, what a big help you had done for me! thanks again!

[After he started selling CDs he wrote, ]

Every week I am getting 1-2 orders of cds (average calculation). It’s nice! My own expenses are now being full filled.

J. K., India


Yes! I would certainty like to have this course, as I have several people begging me to help them learn some English. If the course is as easy to teach as you say, it will save me a lot of time!

D. R., St. Petersburg, Russia


I am H. M., on 12-February-2007 I had seen your website. The way of teaching is very nice and useful to me because my nature of job is marketing but I had studied in my Mother tongue. I am not in a knowledgeable person in English. I am a talented person in marketing but commutation skills are all in my mother tongue but i am not success in my work due to the lack of english knowledge (read/speak/writing also)

Please help me how to improve my skill in English

H.M., country not given

[We answered]Thank you for writing. I produced Spoken English Learned Quickly (SELQ) for people exactly like you. You are a professional, you must study on your own without a teacher, and you have studied English in school but you have difficulty speaking. SELQ is exactly what you need. If you use it for two hours a day for six months, you will be speaking excellent English. (In fact, if you write me a letter every two months and let me know how you are progressing, I will post it on my Others Say page.)

Here is what I suggest.

1) Read the student information page in your mother tongue if it is available on the home page. If not, read it in English from Information for the Student

2) Read the book Learning Spoken English.

3) Copy SELQ so you can use it on an iPod™ or portable MP3 player. See the download link.

4) Because you can already write in English, your ability to read and write in English will improve just as fast as you learn to speak fluently. You will not need to spend more time practicing writing.

5) Start learning fluent English, and become the success you want to be in your work. Use only the SELQ lessons until your English pronunciation is perfect (probably 3 or 4 months). Read theLesson Text in the SELQ lessons out loud frequently. Then, when your pronunciation is good, also start reading an English newspaper out loud each day. You will find newspaper links in theLearning Spoken English book.

I’ve just collected the money. I am very happy to receive your reward. In fact, this excitement is the first time I’ve ever met.

I would like to say thank you very much for your promise. Honestly, at the beginning I was doubt to do the translation as I told myself the return might not guaranteed.

But even I thought I might not get the reward, I’ve already learnt a lot in the process of translating the fables.

Thanks again.

C.S., Indonesia

[Because we had a special need, we contracted with him to translate some pages for our website. We answered, ]

I know many people wonder if my offer is genuine. I don’t blame them because there are so many scams on the internet. But I am a follower of Jesus and He wants me to treat people like He treated them. That means I must always keep my promise.

Thank you ever so much for sending me your CD “Spoken English Learned Quickly.” It’s really a big help for me when studying English.

Y.C., The Netherlands


I want to utilize Spoken English Learned Quickly for my students to teach them and to distribute a copy of the same to them. Am I permitted to do so?

P.K., Center Director, India

[We answered, ]

Dear P.K.
My goal is to have the course used by others as much as possible. I am delighted to have you use it with your students. We never charge money for our lessons. (See Earn Money.)


I would love to be in your website and let Peru grow with your divine CD´s and English Course. Please send me a free copy to teach and sell them to.

thank you very much.

C.S., Peru


I’ve read your two articles on ESL vs. spoken English and found them to be very good in terms of clarity and correctness. I especially liked your example with the sprinkler system.

[You can read the two articles on this website: A technical comparison of Spoken English Learned Quickly and ESL and Why ESL doesn’t work (very well). Also look at the book Learning Spoken English.]

Lack of spoken English is exactly what happened to me and my sister when we came to the U.S. and started attending ESL classes. In fact I didn’t really try speaking English for the first two years, because I was always with my Russian buddies and the Americans didn’t accept us. (You know how it is in middle school. You’re weird if you’re not wearing the right sneakers, or especially if you can’t speak English well). The same was true in ESL classes. People try to stick to their own kind when they’re in a strange place, especially if they are in a foreign country. Russians were the only people I could talk to. So that’s what I did. To this day I am below my American peers in spoken English ability. I can express and articulate my ideas just fine, but it is much slower than what I want it to be.

You are doing a great job by training people to speak while they learn English.

V.T., an American student who immigrated from Russia

Eu estou maravilhado com esse curso de Inglês. É demais pessoal !! Muito obrigado por isso. . . . estudo Ingles quase todos os dia . . .Thank you!!
I’m amazed with this English course. It’s great!! Thank you so much for it. . . . I study English almost every day…A.B., Brazil


I have reviewed…Spoken English Learned Quickly, and must say that I am quite impressed with it. I would like very much to use it with a Vietnamese family I am working with. They are reading and comprehending fairly well but correct grammatical and clear speaking is a problem. It appears your system would greatly [alleviate] that problem.

J. W., Teacher, U.S.


I write to you mister and I hope learning English language by your help to me. I hope learning English by free because I am poor.

A.B., Morocco

[We answered, ]

Dear A.B.
Thank you for writing. We hope the course will be a great help to you. We are glad that we can give it to you for free–you will never need to pay any money.


I am impressed by the number of languages you have included and made learning English available to almost all major cultures of the world. It must have taken years to make such a sophisticated product. What intrigued me immediately is your Israeli Hebrew version for learning English. It goes either way. Since the text is bilingual one could use it to learn modern Hebrew.

D.B., University language instructor — Paris, France

I basically wanted to use [Spoken English Learned Quickly] for developing English for a school I am involved with.

I have been [seeing on the internet] lots of CDs with TEXT and songs and stories. But I never had a chance to see a material … which was voice enabled like the one you have.

Secondly your importance on the spoken and not on the Grammar is a good approach as I personally feel – this will help students of any level.

S.N., Saudi Arabia


i wish to sell the CDs and request you to include my name in your seller’s list.
with regardsC.S., IndiaAnother wrote:

i am already running a spoken english institution for the past one year. plz include me in ur teacher’s list.

U.W., India

We sent information to both so they can sell Spoken English Learned Quickly CDs in India. They do not need to pay us any money—they will keep all the money they earn. Why do we do this? Because letting people sell CDs in their country is the best advertisement we can get for our website. See the link Earn Money.


Thank you…for the suggestion of this course. It’s really tremendous work and very important.

P.S., Kiev, Ukraine


I my self is teaching . . . spoken English classes in . . . India. I need . . . good course materials for my students. . . I need your kind help for my students to learn English a international communication language.

A.A., India


I would just like to say thank you very much for responding to my e-mail so fast. I will try open the web (www.FreeEnglishNow.com) and it’s help me to learn English.

N.W., Indonesia


I would like to know that whether I can proceed the translation in Afaan Oromo (Oromic) Language. Thank you!

[Later he wrote.]

Thank for your help. Really, I lack words to thank you. I am doing the rest translations on hardcopy at my home. Because, Saturday and Sunday I don’t have enough access to internet.

[After helping him, we sent the free CDs he will duplicate and sell.]

Thank you very much for your cooperation in any aspect. I hope that I will receive the CDs and the certificate after some weeks. Really both will do a lot in my future career. Again Thank you!                           T.B., Ethiopia

I have been teaching English at school since 1999. After reading your “www.freeenglishnow.com” site that need a help to translate your material into Indonesian language. I believe I can help you. Just send me the material and I will translate it for you.

[Later he wrote.]

I have done the first part : Information for the student. I will continue to translate part 2 & 3 as soon as possible.

[After the last translation was finished he wrote.]

Finally the last translation had been completed. … Thank you for your cooperation. Wish to cooperate with you in the future.

[Some time later he wrote.]

The Cds [containing Spoken English Learned Quickly] are very useful for me in teaching my students. I had distributed them free for my teacher friends. And they also use them to teach their students.

D.E., Indonesia


This is an e-mail for inquiry whether the translation of the fables to persian (Farsi) language already has been assigned to another person or not. I am ready to translate them to the Persian language. Here is a sample for testing fonts.

J. Z., Iran


I have just finished the 3 translations. I only need to read them once more and correct the possible mistakes. I hope you will like all the sentences.

By the way, I liked the fables (this way it was easier to work on them).

L.B., Hungary


let me first introduce myself to you. i run a coaching centre at … india and sell books on english i visited your site and found it most useful and interesting .i wish to have your cd on Spoken English Learned Quickly at my centre. could you please so kind as to send me a free cd Spoken English Learned Quickly thanks.

[After receiving the CD he wrote, ]

thank you very much. i have received the CD. i will remain grateful to you for your kindness forever. thanks once more.

S.I., India

My name is S.N. I have visited this website through the Yahoo websearch. I was looking for “some English material”. Particularly a voice lesson.

You have everything… Book and MP3 and that too for free…

I sincerely am impressed.. At the same time – I want to pay some money at least 10 dollars to the person who developed.. So that such funds could be used for further posting. AS I understand that you have no Material which we can buy. Please advice…

Or if you have any workbook or something which I can buy – I am certainly happy to buy from you.

S.N., country not given

[We answered by saying that sending international money is both difficult and expensive. However, we suggested that telling an internet cafe in his country about our free offer would be a very helpful “payment.”


yes this lesson help me speak by english

K.B., Morocco


I have gone through your website. I like the course. It’s really very effective. But there is a doubt I am having. Exactly, what does ‘Spoken English Learned Quickly‘ name refers to.

What meaning does this line has. Is this sentence grammatically correct? I meant to say that I can understand, spoken English Learn Quickly or Spoken English can be Learn Quickly. But I have a doubt regarding this sentence of yours.

[We answered]

Thank you for your very interesting letter. First, we are very glad that Spoken English Learned Quickly is helping you speak English.

You actually gave the correct answer. The complete sentence would be “Spoken English (can be) learned quickly.” “Spoken English” is a noun, and “can be” is the implied verb.

This is why learning English by speaking it is so important. In spoken English we rely on many “implied” words (especially verbs) to shorten sentences. This is particularly true in advertising.

V.C., India


I’d love to translate from English to Malay for you if you still require a translator. I believe your ‘Spoken English Learned Quickly‘ CD would be very handy and beneficial to me and my students as I am teaching Spoken English in Malaysia.

M.M., Malaysia


i am an engineering student. i am an indian. i have visited your site. i want to improve my communication skill. your website is very useful for me. i have downloaded some lessons from your website. . .i will tell about this to my friends also.

R.N., India


Im very happy because i learning english and this lesson help my to learning english. thank you

S.S., country not given


The course seems very good to me. Especially teaching all those little nuances that English has. I think that I will try it myself.

V.T., U.S. high school student from Russia


Can I translate your web The Journey of a Wise Man into Lao to get the free CD?

Best regards,

K.B., Laos

[We requested that he translate Information for the Student first. That is complete and we sent a CD to him.]


I was very glad t read your free english learning site and as a teacher I would like to know that n INDIA what is the place to get these CDs. Kindly let me know fully from you.

G.K., India

Spoken English Learned Quickly may be downloaded from the website.]


I am a new student of English speaking course     I am 35 year old     I live in United Kingdom     But I am original from India    I understand all your word but I can’t speak English very well    But now I hope I speak English

M.S., United Kingdom (from India)


yes. This lesson very help for spoken english. thank you.

J.J., India


I came to Delhi from Kerala for seeking a Job, but due to not knowing how to speak English fluently, I did not get a good job, even though I can write English in bits & pieces like this. Now, I am working as a Stenographer in a small firm in Delhi with a small salary. I want to improve my English communication skill, for which I seek your kind help that will help me to get a good job in future.

J. A., India



B.A., India


Good day to you… Am A. F. from Pakistan & having my own export business, but my english language is not good, i can write very well but cannot speak. when i speak i am forgotten all what was saying. but can write very well. Also, i have much problem when my costumer a phone call to me & having problem in listening & can’t speak. Then i request them for mail. It’s a very Problem for me. would you like to send me CD of english language that can prove my skill of listening & speaking…

A.F., Pakistan

[We answered explaining how he could use the links on the Lesson download page to copy the
Spoken English Learned Quickly lessons.]


Thanks a lot for your free English sources in the net
i have downloaded lesson booksS., country not given


i want to learn english please help me

H.M., country not given


thanks a lot for your web page, is a unique source for me. audio files of lesson one, for ipod, are same files. the first is A1ab1.zip and the other is same. the second part of this lesson is absent.

[We thanked him (or her) for the information and corrected the link on the website. We appreciate it when people tell us about problems with our website.]

T.K., country not given


How can I learn English I don’t know spellings and pronunciations First I want to learn simply English.

[We suggested that he look at Frequently Asked Questions about learning spoken English]

H.K., country not given


I’m Mr. S. from Malaysia. Today I came across your great Free English Spoken program. When I read through, I’ feel you did a great job. Eventually, I’m interested to use your module in my teaching.

S.M., Malaysia


This is S.P. I wish to improve my english language skills. Please mail me if u have any free spoken english courses. I would be grateful to u if u could send some details about the courses at free of cost.

[We answered, “EVERYTHING is free.

S.P., India


I need to improve my English . Or, i want to teach also my student in very good manner so please suggest to me and give the all information about your book charges, cd charges and notes . how to improve english grammar with writing , also how to speak English. beginning and advanced course available in your institute so please send me all information with prospectus.

S.M., India

[We answered saying Read this chapter.]


I learn first class english to communicate with my friends from your sixteen lessons, i am in delhi (india) and there is no branch of your institute so i learned from your website sir\madam THANKING YOU

B.A., India


At the end of Lesson 1 we ask, “Did this lesson help your spoken English? Please tell us about it.” We received this response:

Yes! I am a Hungarian beginner, and I try the first lesson, and I think, this is very very good!

E.K., Hungary


I am lucky to find out about your site. It has such a valuable collection of language resources. I really admire the authentic way you address the issue of spoken English.

T.A., country not given


Your english is really great. i want to learn from it. How do i download and print the spoken english material from your site. kindly guide me accordingly.

K., country not given

[We answered: You can download all the lessons directly from the website.


I have downloaded your speaking course lesson, it is very much helpful to me. But I can’t understand that, how do I know that how much improve my self. I am a MBA in Finance student. So it’s very much necessary to speak & write in English. So if you kindly send me a spoken & writing testing software then I will be helpful & very glad to you.

[This is a good question. We answered by adding Evaluating your progress as you study spoken English.]

M.D., India


First I like say thanks for your service. I’m M. S. from Sri Lanka. I have got your Free English lessons only two of them. I very like it its can improve my English knowledge. unfortunately I can’t get other lessons because here in Sri Lanka internet charges are very high for me. I have no PC therefore I must go to the cyber cafe I don’t have enough money for get all lessons.

[We answered by telling him we changed the format for those who must download quickly. ]                           M. S., Sri Lanka


I am j… from calicut. Now i am sending this mail to you, because i am very happy to know that i saw an unimaginable site for me…….that for spoken english….

J.R., India


First of all, I want to say thank you for the great efforts you made to make this super colossal work see the light.

I have just started a site for the students of my school in Morocco. I really need a lot authentic stuff! I am just wondering if I could possibly use some of the material in your site?

A.N., Morocco

[We answered: Thank you for your email. Even though we do not permit others to place our lessons on a website, there is still much we can do to help you.

  1. You may make CDs of the entire course and sell copies from your website.
  2. You may place a complete copy of the English book Learning Spoken English on your website.
  3. You may translate Learning Spoken English and place that on your website. See the The book is now entitled Speak English
  4. If you work with a commercial publisher, they might print your translation of Learning Spoken English and you could sell copies from your website.

We are always pleased when teachers use Spoken English Learned Quickly. Many schools around the world are using these lessons in their classrooms.]


I’m E. from mongolia and i like very much the free english lesson program that you offered is very helpful for everyone who want to study english. this is exactly what we wanted. thank you for your good job and i wish blending success in your feather work.

I.E., Mongolia


I’m very glad after find website of (free english now), I want to start develop my english speaking and other skills (business english language, writing letters, translator and more skills in english language). I was read first information it’s very good to me

A.A., country not given


its simply great! many a days i am searching for such an assistance, which you are providing. . . as i doesnt have so much capability to learn english with so much money i tried for something like you [on the internet]. . . at last by the grace of almighty i got you. i am fortunate. . . i have a plan to teach spoken enlish to some of students round the year. . . i want to express my deep satisfaction regarding your job simply excellent!

S.A., country not given


My name is A.S. I’m writing to you from Lahore – Pakistan. I have thirst to learn English Language. I visited your website and I felt that your Institution did a great work for English.

A.S., Lahore, Pakistan


this site is more helpful to me to learn english more easily. give valuable advices

A.R., India


I hereby, come to say to you thank you from the deep down of my heart for you free English lessons.

I am a congolese citizen, living at Johannesburg South Africa. And I know your lessons will help my wife a lot to improve her English.

B., South Africa


today i see free english now site i am intrested to learn & improve my english

R., country not given


this course is really a good blessing from God. I don’t know how come people like you will post a free course like this with the benefits of reproduction and earning, that was amazing!! Yeah, I have studied english for a long time but until now, fluency in speaking english is still my problem, specially in possessing this language for my job interviews and interpersonal or business conversations. I’m an Engineer but doesn’t possess the tounge, well, with this course, since there are dozens of call centers here in Philippines, my siblings can be able to get a job in this industry and at the same time, get a high salary that will help them with their future lives. I will be starting this course today, and in advance, I wanna thank you so much for this, you’re really generous!!

H.A., Philippines


I seen English all lessons from your site, really i am happy. I want learn English speaking.

I completed Computer Hardware & Networking course but all IT Books is English . . . for that i must want to learn English.

S.H., India


I want to learn english by free online course but I have no computer. May i learn any other way? learning english is very important to me. please help me.

[Today the course is becoming more available on iPhones.]

L.P., country not given


Your site is mind blowing. Why are you doing all this for free? I am really puzzled. It is a very good effort.

[Since many people want to know the answer to this question, we added this link: Terms of Use.

V.P., India


Your website was recommended to me by my brother . . . He is immensely impressed by the content and quality of the material being provided by you and spoke highly of your site in his communication to me.

I found your website interesting and educative. Your thirst for spreading knowledge of English is indeed worthy of appreciation and deep reverence.

I am the principal of a composite degree college . . . [with] about 2500 students in our institution and I honestly feel that it would be a lot of help to them if I can [distribute] . . . your course material. Our students would be immensely benefited as spoken English and communication skills play a pivotal role in finding placements.

R.S., India


I am B.K. from Delhi (India). I visited your website Its has Sound Information about “English Speaking & Learning”. Sir I am impressed from your Web Site.

Here in Delhi, I have Computer Centre, We are teaching Computer & English Speaking Course’s. Sir I am Full feel your Dream (English Spoken to every one) in India. I am interested for providing Your English Study Matrial to my Students & Spred your Course in all Over India.

[This was an excellent question. For the answer see The terms of use

B.K., India


I am very much happy with your website. I am working as an english teacher, I am very much thankful to your website. I would like to teach spoken english in our area. . . . If you provide me such opportunity i am so grateful to your service.

C.E., India


We are a group of Faculty teaching in various B[usiness]-schools in and around Pune, India. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge . . . on your website. I am very keen that my students learn English like the way you have stated. . . Most of them come from a not-so-rich background.

D. N., India


Your Website is very nice, I will get many information in your website. Thanks

N.G., country not given


my name is B.A…i am a tamil medium student..i have trouble in spoken english..i would like to improve my english speaking skill..please guide them to me…

B.A., country not given


Could you permit me to translate your Spoken English Learned Quickly [Student Workbook] from the internet into Thai language and be published by a publishing house to be sold in Thailand?

[We answered by saying that he had our permission to complete the translation. See Speak English

C.A., Thailand


First of all let me extend my heartfelt thanks to you all for providing us such a wonderful and useful website free of charge. I am an Indian, living in an Arab country, who can read and write English but I am not so fluent English due to the lack of my vocabulary and difficulty in understanding native English speakers’ accent. I have spent a lot of money to purchase spoken English materials but none of them helped me. Now I feel very confident as I found your website. I am much happier as I am learning how to speak English . . . What a wonderful idea it is!

B.G., country not given


I want to thank you for the great course. It’s really amazing. it must’ve taken a lot of time and efforts. I truly appreciate it. . . Can I use your course to teach certain groups of students at my home? . . . I’ll be charging them for the lessons. . . Is it ok to translate the course to another language and post the traslated version in a forum for free?

[We answered, “You can teach and sell the course for your own profit. We encourage people to do so.

A.M., country not given


I have downloaded [the] ISO file [containing the entire Spoken English Learned Quickly course] within 80 minutes. Now i am studying it. It’s a great Spoken English exercise for me.

C.A., Srilanka


I am writing to you from India. I am really impressed from your social service nature and I would like to appreciate your service towards the world. I would like to start a Spoken English coaching class in India using your course material and following typically your pattern which is really very good and takes lesser time to learn spoken English.

S.N., India


I am poor in engish and i come from very remote area. my mother language is not english it is Tamil. but I want improve my english as well which is equal to the native speakers’ english. what shall i do…..?

I am from very poor family background, so i can’t spend so much of money. Please help me to learn english. I sure you that i’ll follow the instruction which you are going to give me.

N.N., India


This site is Really so so so nice!! It helps me a lot!!! And one main thing is this site is free!!!

S.P., India


Thanks for your good material. We are trying it out this semester teaching English in Thailand.

E.C., Thailand


*Because many writers do not have English spell-check on their computers, we occasionally correct spelling.